The Hottest Chick-In Melbourne, 16AUD

Yan dragged the usual gang to Chick-In, a hidden Korean restaurant along Collins street. There’s just something about Korean food in Melbourne, its always oh-so-good. I have never fancied Korean food so much till I stepped on this city.

The hottest chick in town is boneless and stir fried with cheese. Okay that is a terrible pun. Cut the comedy, I thoroughly enjoyed the dish although my other half said it lacked in cheese, and the other commented that it was too spicy. My Indo tongue could indeed resist many things spicy.


Kimchi Fries, 16AUD

I’ve not taste anything like this at all (in a good way). Who would’ve thought that kimchi and fries would make such a terrific combination? This Korean fries reminded me of a Mexican fries bowl that I once had in Sydney. Try it if you’re there, the restaurant is called Chica Bonita. It was one of the best fries experience I had in my entire life. Anyhoo, the Kimchi fries has boneless chicken bits with kimchi, sour cream and cheese. Ahh, I’m still dreaming of the Kimchi Fries up till now, amen.


Gang Jung, S:16AUD/L:30AUD

This one was another favourite of mine. Chicken breast and thighs moulded with Korean chili sauce. Carb it up with some potato and fried rice cake. Love it!


Pork Kimchi Stew, 19AUD

Maybe spicy to some but again, I love it. The pork content is really little within, that’s my only drawback. There was just enough saltiness and sourish flavour to the soup. Trust me, it doesn’t look as red as it is once we stirred the pot. At the end of the day, we were all really satisfied with all that we ordered.

Make sure to walk in the alleyway when you see Purple Peanuts Japanese Cafe and Perkup Expresso Bar to spot Chick-In.

G23/620 Collins Street, CBD
Victoria 3000
+(61) 03 9973 6244

to Tue: 12pm-3pm
Wed to Fri: 12pm-3pm
Sat: 5.30pm-12am
Sun: Closed
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Eve! πŸ™‚ have been following you on Instagram recently for some time already. But would like to ask you some qns which I hope you'd be able to help.. You're in Melbourne now right? How's the weather there now? Is it really cold? I'm heading there in 2 weeks time! πŸ™‚ hope to be able to get some tips on shld I really be bringing all the long sleeves/can we actually wear leggings/do we need coats advices from the locals ^^

    Hope to see your reply soon! πŸ™‚

    Thanks in advance~

    • EveLovelle says:

      Hello Anonymous. Aw thank you for being such a sweet reader ^^ Yes I'm still in Melbourne. June 1st was the first day of winter. The weather has been getting colder lately and I would predict same would it be the following next two weeks.The temperature now ranges from 10 to 20 degrees. If you have done your research, you should know that in Melbourne you could experience 4 seasons at once. Its not the peak of winter yet so I like wearing thermals, sweaters and scarfs during the day. Leggings are also fine but top it with boots because the feet usually freezes first! Also, lots of locals here wear waterproof hoods and many of them don't carry the umbrella. Its really more convenient because we don't really experience aggressive rainfalls. It gets colder at night so a reasonably thick jacket sounds comfortable. Just ditch the eskimo snow jackets, you won't need it, for now.

      By the way, I hope you enjoy your stay in Melbourne. Brunch seems to always be a good idea to look forward to. Its really not difficult to search for great coffees in this city πŸ™‚


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