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Bowery To Williamsburg is one of those rare American-style brunch places at the CBD area. I can’t emphasise further on how Melbourne treat their cafe culture very seriously. Can’t you believe there’s over 2000 brunch places in Melbourne alone? And yes, we’re a tiny, tiny city. With great fond and love for the Americans, American-styled breakfast to me screams hallelujah. I had high expectations when I came here. The sole purpose of coming here is for one reason: Their Reuben Sandwich with mac and cheese on the side. How did it fare? Lets find out…


We chose to sat outside as I was craving for some open air and chilly wind. Though it was cold, the heater warmed us up pretty good. The seats inside could accommodate large groups but well, we were feeling pretty private that day.


Both Jan and I chose to share two main dishes so we could try the best of both worlds.


Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate, 5AUD

Sort of persuaded Jan to share this cup of Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate drink with me. Peanut Butter wasn’t Jan’s favourite thing in the world, but it certainly was mine!!! (Although I have too many other favourite things as well…)

The chocolate drink was light with just a very slight hint of peanut butter. Not too thick till Jan despises it. Of course, he let me have the Reese’s peanut butter chocolate *sneaky laughter*. Reese’s peanut butter chocolate is definitely one of my favourite chocolate brands ever, period.


Shakshouka Eggs (Hot Smoked Salmon), 16AUD

What I love about the Shakshouka Eggs with hot smoked salmon here was how generous of a portion they were with the salmon. There were also three eggs on that bowl. Definitely a cholesterol pumper for the weak hearted, an upside with the decision to share. There’s tormatillo charred corn and red pepper salsa underneath that perfectly smoked salmon. This was perfect when you take those corianders away.

There’s two other variations of shakshouka eggs, one with sweet potato and the other topped with pastrami. For us, smoked salmon was a no brainer cause we loved it most!


I think that face is adorable (well at least to me it is) 🙂


Sandwich (The Reuben), 12.50AUD

Blessed art thou reuben!!! You would either love it or hate it. I personally liked it, not love. Gorgeous as it looks, the meat was amazing with melted cheese to serve it more justice. I just disliked the bread because it wasn’t toasty enough. There’s also too much sauerkraut being filled in underneath for me. That’s because my sour taste buds never liked its detection when it gets.. too sour.. However, Jan thought it was just to the point and perfectly sour. You see, he’s the salty and sourish guy while I’m just a major sweet tooth. I guess the likableness varies from person to persons.

We added 4AUD to have pretzels and macaroni and cheese on the side. The pretzels were average tasting. How good can pretzels get unless we dip them with chocolate right? On the other side of the tray, we went cray cray over the bowl of mac and cheese. Perhaps next time we would like four bowls of it just to ourselves? It was so cheesy and crusty on top. That amount of fat in that cheesiness was worth it!


I very much enjoyed my cafe experience to Bowery To Williamsburg. With such great Western influence, many are going niche to have themselves set up American fusion cafes and restaurants. We’re such ethnocentrics but I’ve definitely seen how creative Melbourne chefs and business owners can be in leading Australia’s food industry. That aside, one piece of advice when visiting Bowery To Williamsburg? Order any sandwich and you MUST top up a bowl of mac and cheese on the side!

Bowery To Williamsburg
16 Oliver Lane, CBD
Victoria 3000
+(61) 03 9077 0162

to Fri: 7am-3pm
Sat to Sun: 8.30am-3pm
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