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Rach’s friends came over all the way from Singapore to visit. We brought the group to Operator 25 for brunch. Operator 25 sits on the quiet side, towards the west of the Melbourne’s CBD.


I just love brick walls, the more rustic, the better. A touch of old and new, Operator 25 kept its furnitures minimalistic and modern.


Six people meant six dishes, there are several stand outs on the menu. Things like, Morcilla (black pudding), Vanilla Custard Sago, Risotto Nero, Pressed Lamb Shoulder and Belly, Balinese Marinated Pulled Pork seemed to be quite popular here.


Flat White

What beats coffee over chatty conversations?


Breakfast Tortilla, 15AUD

Breakfast Tortilla is pretty huge in portion. It comes with generous amounts of scrambled eggs, bacon, corn and black eyed bean salsa moulded with aged cheddar. The herb oil green dressing beautified a simple looking tortilla to a whole new level.


Vanilla Custard Sago, 9AUD

A popular option of Operator 25 was the Vanilla Custard Sago. This sweet breakfast baby could be quite filling to eat on its own. The bottom pit was filled with rhubarb compote. Thinking about rhubarb makes me want to go down to the nearest grocery store to get my hands on some. The combination of rhubarb, delicate raspberry foam and sugary rose meringue was a pleasant experience for my taste buds. It was good, really good.


Grilled Morcilla, 17AUD

Unless you’re a more adventurous or courageous foodie, my advice is… don’t order the Grilled Morcilla. Whenever you see these two words, ‘Black Pudding’ or ‘Morcilla’, never consider ordering it, ever (alright I’m just being bias). Umm.. I mean.. its made from pork blood sausage, I could never in a million years, ever, eat stuffs like these. Okay, maybe if you were to donate me a million dollars in exchange for that dare I would.

Back to Grilled Morcilla, Jan thought it would be interesting to try it out. The first comment when he took his first bite was how much he actually liked it. That comment kept being repeated while I’m across the table rolling my eyes. I’m definitely more interested in that big piece of house made corn bread on the side. Underneath the sausage laid a bed of baked beans and some wilted spinach. Oh, and a poached egg to tie the combination.


Grain Salad, 16AUD

I love salads as such. I managed to try several bites of the grain salad and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. There’s no denying that the more colourful the salad, the yummier it gets. A handful of black rice was complemented with some roasted pumpkin, broccoli, burghul, barley, smoked almonds, sour cherries, mint greens, parsley and pomegranate dressing.


House Benedict, 15AUD + Tasmanian ‘Cold Smoked’ Salmon’, 3AUD

I went with the benedict on potato rosti and added the Tasmanian ‘Cold Smoked’ Salmon for an additional three bucks. Haven’t had eggs benedict in a long while before this one. It was pretty good. However, if you’re a big eater, potato rosti alone might not be enough to fill your belly, sourdough/muffins/bagels underneath the poached eggs might be a better option for you.


Risotto Nero, 23AUD

I’ve heard many good stuffs on Operator 25’s squid ink risotto. It is grilled with octopus, scallops, radish, pequillo peppers and shaved pecorino cheese. I on the other hand, have never fancied squid ink. I just realised I sound like a pretty difficult eater aye? Any o how, it was a little too cheesy for risotto in general. I am a huge fan of cheese but this, is just too thick of a consistency. Sorry, not a fan.


She said, ‘Hello Operator’

Hello Mr operator? Hello I’m an operator? Honestly I don’t get the whole ‘operator’ concept. But I thought it was still quite funny to see how this woman conveys a little sexual innuendo in her presence. She’s almost voluptuous, I said almost.


Here’s Rach and I, the only human photo that we took while everyone else was basically.. too engaged in eating.

Operator 25
25 Wills Street, CBD
Victoria 3000
+(61) 03 9670 3278

to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 9am-4pm

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  1. Hey Eve

    My understanding is that the Operator comes from when the building used to be a telephone exchange. Back before direct dialing you had to ask the Operator to connect your call through, hence 'Hello Operator'.

    The only one of those dishes I've tried is the grain salad, and I think it's yummy too. Always planning on trying the sago but have just never got around to it. Biggest problem is I usually just can't go past ordering the pork burger.


    • EveLovelle says:

      Hey Fil!

      That sounds interesting. Never knew they had such an interesting background. Yeah, I heard so much good stuffs on that pork burger. Still wondering why all of us decided to pass on that one. Anyhoo, the sago was lovely. You could share it with your friend as dessert instead of chugging the whole thing on your own. Plus, share the guilt 😛


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