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On my area alone, I haven’t conquered the many popular brunch destinations, there’s still many to go, much more to try. Jan and I drove to the other end of Chapel Street and we settled for Neighbours Cafe today. It was a rainy and cold day and we were freezing our butt off. Three degrees in the fall, not kidding.


Acai Bowl Frozen Berry Mousse, 10.90AUD + Banana, 2AUD
I was on the hunt for another round of Acai Bowls after I visited the Green press. Its safe to say that the Acai Bowl at Neighbours Cafe was pretty good, but it still couldn’t beat the one’s at Green Press. Unmistakably, Green Press makes the best Acai Bowl and its the best that I’ve ever tasted thus far. They have thick liquid consistency whereas the ones at Neighbour’s Cafe was creamy like gelato at the circumference, with the core centre hardened. I had to wait for it to melt before I could cut it off with my spoon.

Baked Eggs, 16.90AUD
Jan, still in his Baked Eggs craze, ordered one. He loved Neighbour’s Cafe offerings with multigrain toast, chickpeas, pumpkin, spicy napoli, rainbow chard, chorizo, two eggs, persian sheeps’ milk fetta cheese. Plus, butter on the side, always a complementary addition. It was indeed, a smart food option to order in this wintry morning.


Trying not to smile with my teeth because its purple at this point. I thought it was a pretty bad idea to eat cold acai, while I freeze both inside out. 

Skinny Latte

Saviour of my freezing organs, a hot latte! Good quality coffee too.


Though the interior is easily exposed to the outside air, there are several heaters available, one of which, the one right above us was spoilt. Suit yourself, just pick the right table.

Neighbours Cafe
42 Chapel Street, St Kilda
Victoria 3182
+(61) 03 9077 8950
to Fri: 6.30am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 7.30am-4pm

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