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We queued an hour for Chin Chin. It was well worth it. Knowing that everything on the menu would be good, we ordered tons of food and more than we should. No problem though because our guts (at least mine) are (is) evidently highly elastic.

Pork And Peanut Curry With Coconut Cream, Kaffir Lime And Cassava Crackers, 13AUD
For Starters, we wiped clean the Pork Peanut Curry With Coconut Cream. Even cucumbers could taste really good with the combination of drenched peanut bits.

Crispy Barramundi And Green Apple Salad W. Caramelised Pork, Peanuts, Chilli & Lemongrass, 27AUD
Jan’s favourite dish was the Crispy Barramundi with Caramelised Pork fats. I felt totally guilty gulping all that fat but it was the best fats I had in a long while.

Chinook Salmon Wrapped In Banana Leaf W. Coconut Red Curry, Lime & Thai Basil, 27AUD
As good as it was supposed to be, the Chinook Salmon dish was my least favourite out of the rest. On a bias note, I just feel that raw salmon always win. I’m just saying if you have limited dishes to share, order the other more worthy ones.


Chin Chin Egg Fried Rice W. Chilli Soy, Cucumber & Lettuce Cups, 18AUD
To go along with the other mains, we had the Chin Chin Egg Fried rice and several other bowls of white rice at 3AUD. I enjoyed the fried but non dried consistency. Pair it with Sriracha sauce? Bliss.

Dry Red Curry Of Soft Shell Crab W. Long Beans, Thai Basil & Kaffir Lime Leaf, 31AUD
I would say that this soft shell crab dishes was my favourite among the others. The best reference I can infer to is if you can imagine broiling soft shell crab in rendang sauce. Even I whom, am not a huge fan of soft shell crab, have to admit that this was the real deal. All that OCD thoughts of not being able to swallow shells, even the softest form of shells… all went away. Now give me more of that Soft Shell Crab red curry. I highly recommend this dish for everyone who’s planning a trip down to Chin Chin. No ifs ands or buts.

”Son In Law” Eggs W. Chilli Jam, 8AUD
I am beginning to realise lots of places do sell ‘Son In Law’ eggs. Chin Chin’s version had sweet chili sauce generously poured over it. Similar to Indonesia’s Nasi Lemak’s sweet chilli sauce, only this one over the eggs. I’m crazy over it.

Caramelised Sticky Pork W. Sour Herb Salad & Chilli Vinegar, 26AUD
Yan’s favourite dish was the Caramelised Sticky Pork block. The sauce below is sweet and tangy, but sour and subtle at the same time. I know I’m being ironic here but I can’t even explain it in words because the taste was just so unique and special. The best part of the pork was the crispy, grungy skin mixed with it’s soft meats inside.

Coconut Sago W. Sweetcorn Ice Cream, Praline & Puffed Wild Rice, 14AUD
Not my favourite dessert. I thought something was a little off with how it all came together. Everyone else thought it was overly sweet. Personally I didn’t think it was too sweet, but I just didn’t think it was great. This for 14AUD was quite a ripoff.

Grilled Banana Roti Bread W. Sweetened Condensed Milk & Cinnamon Sugar, 13AUD
The Grilled Banana Roti Bread might be too sweet for some, but you know me and my sweet taste buds that’s highly insensitive. I was drenching and wiping my last bits of roti with whatever condensed milk that was left on the plate. The texture was interesting as it has different layers of roti within. It taste really similar to Roti Prata.
We came here confused not knowing what to order. Everything on the menu was sinful but we crave for their signature dishes. The waitress was kind enough to put a tick on every popular dishes and we simply ordered everything that she recommended. That was good decision made.

Chin Chin is crazy crowded all day, err day. The last time round we queued up on a weekend at 6.30pm, the waitress told us we could only get seats by 9.30pm. Whoah? Thank god we arrived earlier this week at approximately 5.45pm and waited for about an hour instead.
This restaurant is an Asian Fusion that’s like no other. Its considered to have a Thai food influence but its still far from that. I couldn’t even compare the taste of all the dishes at Chin Chin to other restaurants because everything is uniquely tasteful. Every simple ingredient dish was vamped with unique creation. Chin Chin is indeed one of the best in Melbourne.
Yan’s mum made the courtesy to invite us for dinner today. Such a hippy mummy, the five of us had a great night altogether. Thanks again for the dinner Mrs Choo.

Chin Chin
125 Flinders Lane, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 98663 2000

Mon to Sun: 11am-12am

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