Beechworth Bakery

A quick stopover at Beechworth Bakery before we head to explore the wineries around Yarra Valley. Since it was Anzac Day, we weren’t surprised on how crowded it was. People were queueing up from the cashier all the way to the front entrance. Cray, cray.


Bushranger, 6.20AUD
Yan ordered the Bushranger sandwich. It consists of roast beef, tomatoes, cheese, spinach, fruit chutney and roast pumpkin. As good as it sounds, meh it wasn’t spectacular any o’ how.


Club Chicken, 8.20AUD
Rach had her eyes on the Club Chicken. It was a good call. Avocado with seeded mustard, chicken, bacon, lettuce, mayonnaise, a simple dish that could not go wrong. That fruit chutney and mayonnaise really made the chicken extra sweet (in a good way).

Quiche Lorraine, 4.90AUD
For a side, Bev and I shared a slice of quiche made out of eggs, cream bacon and cheese. Too bad for them they’re serving this piece to a blogger (me) because I’m about to expose their misconduct. Bev scooped up a portion and realises there was fungus growing at the bottom of the quiche base. What?! At first I thought it was basil, but how did basil diffused itself all the way down to its base? That’s impossible.
We sent the quiche back to the cashier where she offered a refund and a new slice of quiche. We ended up with free quiche that didn’t at all taste fantastic. It was bland we all thought. It frustrates me to eat unnecessary carbs like that, but what to do? I can’t deal with wastage.


Chicken & Mushroom Pie, 4.90AUD
Taste similar to the quiche.

Ned Kelly Pie, 4.90AUD
Beechworth Bakery is famous for their Ned Kelly Pie and hence we ordered three. Its a steak pie with bacon, cheese, and a whole baked egg within. First few bites was quite pleasant. But we felt cloyed up halfway through. Even Jan who loved his savouries and could munch several pies at once, felt the same way.
The best part of the meal was still Rach’s Club Sandwich, while the others were either atrocious or mediocre.
Faking a smile to how bad the food here was. Oh well, at least I had great company.
Beechworth Bakery
316 Maroondah Highway, Healesville
Victoria 3777
+(61) 13 0013 0023

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