Three Bags Full

On a date today with Jan and since its Easter, lots of the cafes and restaurants were closed for the week. Luckily, Three Bags full was one of the places that still opens during this holy week. It was a beautiful day outside and we’re so happy to be getting the window seat and we probably got the best seat on the house. The rest of the place is quite stuffy from the chitter chatter. Three Bags Full is always crowded and we have already expected that coming here. Crowded is one thing, but cramping people within the restaurant is another. Walkways and seatings were too close and there’s barely enough spaces to breathe. Its too saturated and tense for my liking.

Steak Sandwich, 18.50AUD
We both shared our mains. First off, we went for the gluten free Steak Sandwich. A cut of grilled porterhouse on a sourdough with bacon, beetroot relish (not my favourite), tasty cheese, aioli, tomatoes and rockets. The steak was hard, still edible but not great at all. It was quite disappointing.

Green Eggs And Ham, 16AUD
The Green Eggs And Ham was not bad but not considerably an above average dish either. Honestly, maybe something is wrong with my taste buds that day and I hate giving a bad review, but I just couldn’t find anything to love here. The scrambled eggs are cooked with herbs and crushed peas, topped with grilled ham and salted ricotta on toast.
Service wise, Three Bags Full allocated a waitress to service our area. I guess at each section or corners of the places, a particular waitress would take charge. That makes it great. As to whether I think this place lived up to its hype? I don’t think so. The food is of decent quality. We just didn’t get that eureka factor based on the food we ordered. 
Three Bags Full
60 Nicholson Street, Richmond
Victoria 3067
+(61) 03 9421 2732

to Fri: 7am-4.30pm

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