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EveLovelle was invited to dine as guest at Third Wave Cafe


Third Wave Cafe a new favourite on my list. There’s an endless array of options and we all had a hard time deciding on what to order. I may just have to emphasise this again and again, Third Wave Cafe serves remarkable food, I’m sold. I see myself coming back here anytime soon. Thanks Greg, we feel contented and gratified with the invite, and all the palatable food options your waiter/waitresses served us. I’m not just praising this cafe because I was invited, I’m really, truly satisfied with my picks.


I’m a firm believer that imagery adds up to the taste level of any particular dish. Food art is a form of beauty, each embellishment ingredient is an form of dedication initiated to constitute the perfect palatableness. Extensively, it makes me feel so much happier eating pretty (and tasty) food. Third Wave Cafe was able to deliver just that.
Spirulina Juice + Apple Juice + Cappuccino + Flat White

Spirulina Smoothie, 4.20AUD + Apple Juice, 4.60AUD + Cappuccino, 3.80AUD + Flat White, 3.80AUD

As expected, their coffees were good. Whatever cookies that was there on the side, I wish I have those at home to pair my daily morning coffees. The Spirulina Smoothie is a healthier option that keeps you feeling refreshed. The sad part of the Apple Juice was that it wasn’t freshly squeezed and for some funky reason, it costed more.


Crunchy Risotto Hash Brown, 19.40AUD

Sauteed butter mushrooms and chorizo and risotto hash glued with parmesan are the stars of this particular dish. I’ve never seen risotto made in such form before. Woah, I thought. Sun-dried roasted tomatoes, and a poached egg over a bed of rocket to complement the leading ingredients.


Creamy Orange French Toast, 16.90AUD

I’m so pleased with choosing the Creamy Orange French Toast because it was like no other that I’ve tried before. This moist and fluffy bread-and-butter pudding in a light cream sauce is the real deal. Have a morsel of bread generously coated with cream, cut out a small piece of orange, eat it just like that. Now.. it taste just like french toast with orange crème, absolument parfait!


Spicy Ratatouille Baked Eggs, 19.40AUD

Even the menu states, ‘Warning, this dish is addictive’. Wonder what’s underneath that gooey baked cheese? Its a mixture of Spanish chorizo, red peppers, eggplant, zucchini and two almost-boiled free range eggs drenched in tomato sauce. I’m hooked with the various secret spice mix they use. Have a ciabatta (next photo) carb crunch to go along with. Heavenly.

While I was devouring on my Creamy French Toast, I can’t help but to steal (many) bites from Rach’s Spicy Ratatouille Baked goodness. 


Ciabatta Bread

Carefully cut, buttered and toasted.


Pork Ribs, 28AUD

If there is one drawback, I would say that the ribs are good, but not great. The ribs were smoked for five hours with maple wood. I’ve heard good reviews on the ribs here but I guess my expectation for ribs would always stay sky high. Tony Romas and Hurricane’s Grill are still my favourites. The coleslaw didn’t taste good either. The chips were so crispy and I love every single bite of it. My favourite part of the whole dish was the tangilicious spicy bbq sauce.

Third Wave EDITED

This restaurant is a cafe by day, and an American BBQ restaurant diner by night. To suit both occasions, Third Wave Cafe keeps its interior modern and simple. To me, its the perfect place to get cozy, read the morning papers while sipping on a cup of warm coffee, or maybe just catching up with friends over brunch.

Once again, thank you Greg for the wonderful brunch dishes. We had a lovely time.

Third Wave Cafe
30 Cato Street, Prahran
Victoria 3181

+(61) 03 9510 2991

to Wed: 8am-3pm
Thu to Sat: 8am-Late
Sun: 8am-4pm

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