The Left-Handed Chef

Having brunch with the boys for the weekend today at The Left-Handed Chef cafe. This place is quite inaccessible by train or tram. A place that none would be expected to go because of its location. If this cafe were to be in the CBD complex, its definitely going to be one of the popular ones. At this date and stage, The Left-Handed Chef cafe managed to earn thumbs up from the public. 97% of 210 customers have positive experiences here, based on Urbanspoon. That’s a tough one to beat? It was indeed our sole reason why we came.

Hot Chocolate + Cappuccino
I’m the only coffee drinker out of the three boys (Jan, Audy and Kenji) I came with. They had their take on the Hot Chocolate which wasn’t living up to their expectations. It tasted like any other hot chocolate you could make at home with powdered sugar. Sorry boys, but I liked my coffee so I can’t complain.

Smoked Salmon Brioche, 14.50AUD
Kenji had the Smoked Salmon Brioche. The brioche was jammed with smoked salmon pesto for a delicious touch. Pretty generous amounts of smoked salmon and a poached egg, drizzled with sweet balsamic. Indeed one of The Left-Handed Chef’s best options.

Shakshuka, 16.50AUD
My beau had Shakshuka as he’s somewhat magneted to the many renditions of baked eggs lately. Shakshuka on a bread bowl was something new that we’ve never tried. We sort of wished the eggs were baked instead of fried. Red sauce, spinach and fetta were the main ingredients inside. As good as it was, Jan still loves his meat, he would’ve still prefer inclusions of beef or pork mince within the shakshuka mix.

Banoffee French Toast, 15.5AUD

Audy and I wanted something sweet and savoury so we shared the Banoffee French Toast and The Green Breakfast (shown below). There was a warning sign in the menu indicating how big it was. First few bites were amazing. Even Audy whom would usually get sick from eating too much caramel, felt that the toffee sauce was exceptional. Well well.. sharing this was a good idea to prevent that sick feeling from having too much sweetness. I on the other hand, loved how sweet it was. It has hints of sea salt flavour (which I doubt they added) which was unique and delicate.
The toasts do get soggy after awhile so make sure to chug it down quick! Its quite sad on how little banana and strawberry slices were given. We needed more.

The Green Breakfast, 14AUD
The Left-Handed Chef’s signature is these green eggs. How beautiful is that? Two poached eggs drizzled with herbed pea mash, on a bed of two multigrain toast spread with salsa verde. Two roasted asparagus lay prettily sandwiched in between. The asparagus were soft and full of flavour, it was my favourite part of the dish. Its as good as it looks, I am not kidding.
The waitress was so happy that we finished everything down to the very last bite (like we do always!). Everything was clean, I mean squeaky clean. The interior was ordinary and nothing about it stands out. In fact, it could blend in with the background of the quiet street. Improving its interiors is definitely something that The Left-Handed Chef could improve on. Overall, I like this restaurant but it wasn’t good enough to be on the list of my favourites.

The Left-Handed Chef
219 Park Street, South Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Tel: +(61) 03 9645 5800
Mon: 7.30am-4.30pm
Tue: Closed
Wed to Fri: 7.30am-4.30pm
Sat to Sun: 8.30am-4pm
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