Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse


Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse is a quiet cafe a little out of the CBD area. Had my brunch routine with the usuals Rach, Yan and Patrick over beauteous looking dishes and iced coffees.


Warehouse themed cafe that sells coffee machines and coffee beans.

Iced Coffee (w/o Ice Cream), 4.50AUD
Can I just mention how hot it was that day, 34 degrees celcius and the sun showed no mercy. A hot day tends to elevate my angst. Iced coffee was essential to cool my senses.


Three Quinoa Salad, 16AUD

The Quinoa was a refreshing dish. Who says healthy food don’t taste as good? I admit, Australians are the most creative when it comes to creating healthy recipes. This Quinoa dish consists of red cabbage, cut out grapes, walnuts, cherry tomatoes with herbs lemon dressing to enhance the flavour. Not incredible, but it left us feeling a little healthier.


Smoked Ox Tongue, 18AUD

Patrick seemed to be the one that is always willing to try out outrageous dishes. I’m not that barbaric courageous. The thought of munching tongues… I cannot… Could you guys spot the countless amounts of mini taste buds? Goosebumps!

Anyway, Patrick loved the Smoked Ox Tongue so much! On a piece of char grilled brioche, he was presented with three tongues, capers, celery, an egg that was done beautifully with a dash of anchovy dressing. That egg.. How could you make the outside crispy while keeping the yolk runny at the same time? Such an alchemy.


Coffee Cured Salmon, 19AUD

What do you mean coffee cured? Cured is just a fancier word for ‘preserving’ the salmon. What about coffee cured? Preserving with coffee? I have no idea. I think they could overall scrap that title off the list because I barely tasted any coffee in my salmon. By barely, I mean not at all.

This whole dish was just too sour for my liking. The turnip remoulade, meh. The pickled radish, BIG meh. The brioche.. well well.. mediocre. Only the poached egg and the salmon was decent. The whole ingredient combination just didn’t quite blend well together.


Peach Loaf, 15AUD

Rachel had the prettiest and the yummiest combo. Toast with peaches, raspberry, stone fruit and pistachio.. How could I not have ordered this? There’s white chocolate foam that not only appears so pretty in pictures, but also yummy in the tummy. The best part? There’s sugar crunch pieces which tasted so sweet and amazing.


In summary, Yan loved her Quinoa, Pat loved his Ox Tongue.


Rach loved her Peach Loaf and I’m disappointed with my Brioche.

Overall, my three musketeers but me seemed to like Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse. As for me… I don’t think I would come back here anytime soon. Meh.

Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse
19-21 Leveson Street, North Melbourne
Victoria 3051
+(61) 03 9329 2973

to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 7.30am-4pm

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