Darac Grill & Bar

Spicy Sausage Stew (Pork Shabushabu), 38AUD + Extra Combo 2, 9AUD + Extra Ramen 3AUD
For dinner, we arrived early at Darac Grill & Bar at about 5.45pm because we were all starving. We couldn’t say no to a hotpot on a cool, windy night. Sharing this Spicy Sausage Stew with Pork Shabushabu meat that’s cluttered in the middle. There’s an option to take a medium hotpot (2-3 people) at 29AUD, or the large (3-4people) at 38AUD. Three of us shared the large and added extra combo sides.
The main ingredients within the hotpot include pork, variety of spicy sausages, vegetables, macaronis, rice cakes, kimchi, cheese and tofu. The extra combo that we ordered include dumplings that melts like butter. The soup is refillable. Do ask for extra Korean chili sauce to maintain that thick consistency and flavour. All I can say is… that I couldn’t recall how many bowls of stew I refilled and I couldn’t stop eating even for a second.

Dolsot Bibimbab (Beef), 15AUD
One of my friend couldn’t take pork, so he ordered the Dolsot Bibimbab with a mix of Korean chili sauce amongst the variety of vegetables, egg and beef meat.
This place is quirky and it has an olden broken down interior that’s cutely decorated. Darac Grill & Bar is very well known for its hotpot dish and literally every table orders one. Just to let you gage on the size of hotpot you’ll be getting, the people you see on top ordered the regular sized.
Those hotpots are all regular sized
We came early at about 5.45pm when this picture was taken. We finished dining at around 7pm and this place was swarming with crowds queueing up for seats. This means that you should come early to secure seats. We left feeling full satisfied, a pleasant feeling to have.
No doubt I’ll be coming back here when winter comes.

Darac Grill & Bar
51 A’Beckett Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9662 2441

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