Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant 太湖北京烤鸭店

Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant 太湖北京烤鸭店 specialises in serving Peking Duck, obviously. The restaurant is located at one corner across the junction of Chinatown. More importantly, ten of us came here together to celebrate Vincen’t 23rd birthday. A special night for him, and all of us.

Peking Duck, Half: 27.80AUD / Whole: 48.80AUD

I have to skip listing out the prices of food (other than the peking duck) because Vincent ordered everything and I did not get a chance to peek at the menu.

We ordered two whole ducks for the ten of us. The chef would come by to our table to cut out pieces of meat in supersonic speed while we watch him in astonishment. 


Two rounds of this was hearty. I had ten wraps of Peking duck alone and totally feel unashamed with friends around me. I would say its pretty good for Melbourne Chinese food standard, but it can’t beat Chinese countries’ version of authentic peking duck for sure. They do it way, way, way better. But still, if I could eat 10 wraps of that, it couldn’t be bad right?


Next, we all shared the Pan Fried Dumplings and Vegetarian Spring Rolls. The Pan Fried dumplings were a delight. There’s little pork juices that squirted out off the dumplings when I took a bite, leaving my table dirty. Lesson learnt, make sure you forget being feminine and put one whole dumpling in your mouth the next time round.


One of my favourite dishes goes to this Bean Curd Soup with Duck leftovers. From the previous duck we ordered, Vincent requested the chefs to make it into a soup form. This is how the Chinese make use of all the leftovers so its not wasted. The soup is a reminiscence of one of my grandma’s soup recipe. My experiential sense recognises that the flavour tasted exactly the same like how she would usually cook it. That’s a moment of happiness right there. Love, love love!


The other leftover peking duck was fried with salt and pepper. I really appreciate how they reuse leftover meats. Kudos!


For a side vegetable, we went for the spinach and chinese broccoli dish which consist of that, shrimps, spam slices, mushrooms, bean curd and bamboo shoots.


One of my favourite dishes for the night was the Pork Spare Ribs in salt, pepper, chili and shallots.The spare ribs batter has a little bit of spice with strong shallot flavour. I guess no Indonesian can ever say that they do not like fried shallots and trust me when I said its good. 


The fried rice was a nice balance to go along with the other main dishes. I especially love the Taiwanese sausage (lap chong) within the fried rice mix.


Onto one of my favourite dishes of all time, it was the Sweet & Sour Fried Fish. The verdict was that I felt the fish wasn’t crispy enough. A little sad but at least most of the other dishes deserved a thumbs up.


We, the Chinese, eat lamb too. Lamb added with Szechuan Chili and plentiful of garlic was pleasurable. Nothing could go wrong with that combination unless you overcook the lamb.


Similar to how the Pork Spare Ribs was cooked (above), this is the very same rendition of it, just with different meat. The king prawn was also juicy and bursting with flavour that comes from the chili and shallots.


Because it was Vincent’s birthday, the boss gave us free Fried Red Bean Pancake to share. It looks amazing by itself and it looks just like fried Nutella. Its best eaten right away when its still warm. If any of you guys came by here, please order the Red Bean Pancake for dessert. I loved it very much and still lusting over it as I’m typing this post.


A group shot. Happy food equals happy people.


Once again, Happy Birthday Vincent!

I hope you enjoy your night as much as we do and thank you for treating us on your big night.


Service wise, I’m not totally impressed. I guess the place was too big and too crowded to expect for an excellent service. We didn’t mind that kind of service because in the Chinese culture, customers would usually shout out across the room to get the waiters attention. Whereas in the western culture, the waiters are expected to be alert at all times.

Nonetheless, we all had a pretty good experience at Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant 太湖北京烤鸭店. Definitely a memorable one.

Da Hu Peking Duck Restaurant 太湖北京烤鸭店
171 Little Bourke Street,CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000

Tel: +(61) 03 9663 3868

Mon to Sun (Lunch): 11.30am-3pm
                   (Dinner): 5pm-11pm

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