Ying Thai 2

Yum Sam Grob (Pork), 13.90AUD

So far, my favourite to-go-to Thai restaurant in Melbourne is Ying Thai 2. The other day six of us, Jan, Audi, Felisa, Kenji and I drove to Lygon street for some Thai food cravings fix. I have been to Ying Thai 2 twice and was satisfied with the food both times.

Cashew shaped Crispy Pork Skin with more cashews mixed with prawns, squid, cabbages and Ying Thai 2’s special chili sauce. My favourite part of the dish has got to be the generous amounts of thick sweet and salty chili.


Pud Grapow (Beef), 12.90AUD

The stir fried beef has lots of fragrantful flavour, maybe a little too much. Not a favourite of mine but its still edible and bearable. The beef was mixed with chili, basil leaves, and cut out shallot.


Gai Hor Bai Thoey, 10.90AUD

Marinated pandan chicken paired with thai herbs, wrapped with pandan leaves and served with sweet chili sauce. Those pandan leaves do make a difference. The chickens wrapped with it ended up smelling so wonderful I could not help myself.


Kao Pud (Seafood), 17.90AUD

We ordered Thai style seafood fried rice as a neutralising dish for our mains. Its albeit on the pricier side for a huge plate of rice shared by the five of us. Apart from Seafood, there’s also Pork, Beef, Chicken, Vegetable Fried Rice options at 15.90AUD. Or Prawn, Duck and Crab Fried Rice at 17.90AUD.


Pud Med Ma-Muang (Beef), 14.90AUD

Beef stir fried with vegetables and cashew nuts. These three ingredients go really well together. I quite like it.


Tom Yum Hot Pot (Seafood), 15.90AUD

Last but not least, what’s Thai food without seafood tom yum? Yum to tom yums! Within this hotpot, there are fish slices, squids, prawns, mussels, crabmeats, mushrooms and tomato slices. I used to prefer creamy based soups as a kid. As I grow up, I have more appreciation towards clear soups than the creamy based. I’m now more sensitive to spices and flavours and find them more delectable. Okay… I’m back to having Thai food cravings as I type this post, its killing me inside.

Ying Thai 2
110 Lygon Street, Carlton
Victoria 3053

+(61) 03 9639 1697

Tue to Sun: 12pm-10pm

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