Out on a non school weekday for brunch at Stovetop, located at the University of Melbourne itself. Why did I even bother to take a half hour tram all the way down to the city for this? Simply because I couldn’t say no to brunch. It was a hot day and Yan and I were mentally obliged to order Iced Lattes. Knowing that Stovetop makes exceptional quality coffees, we had to try. We loved it. Coffees are better served warm, who knew that even the icy version of it was so good. Only good in certain cases I must say. Some cafes failed at doing so, but Stovetop is the real deal when it comes to my caffeine shot fix. I can’t wait to try out their warm coffees next!
Duck Egg, 14AUD
Duck Egg was baked in sautéed spinach, roasted pumpkin, Persian fetta with house za’atar and toast. The duck egg seemed a little tougher in texture. The combination of these ingredients was an interesting mix and it wasn’t bad at all. However, too much oil was put for our liking.


Brioche Corned Wagyu Beef, 14.50AUD

Heather had the toasted brioche bun filled with corned wagyu beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese. Seeded mustard by the side for an additional spice to your taste buds. Yum!


Grilled Chorizo, 14AUD
Yan didn’t quite like her Grilled Chorizo because she wasn’t much of a baguette fan in the first place. I liked it though… The caramelized onion ham, relish and aged manchego cheese in baguette fancienne tasted pretty good to me.
Cinnamon Waffles, 14AUD

Bittersweet Cinnamon Waffles as there were pomegranate molasses vanilla bean custard within. Accompanied with agave syrup and house almond dukkah for an extra oomph. I had high expectations for the Cinnamon Waffles but was a little disappointed. Don’t get me wrong.. it was good, just wasn’t extraordinary.


Completely out of topic, but I just have to mention how much I love Yan’s makeupless fair skin.


The gorgeous girls, Rachel and Heather.
Stovetop remains to be one of Melbourne University students’ favourite hangouts. Food is pretty great but I’m sure they could still improve on its standards. I’m definitely still coming back for another round for a good caffeine fix.

100 Leicester Street, Carlton
Victoria 3053
+(61) 03 9347 2010

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