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I don’t consider myself feminine, nor masculine. I think its somewhere in the middle. Oh did I tell you? I used to be incredibly boyish. I had at least 75% off my wardrobe covered in black and I swore to never wear dresses. What happened? I grew up.

I love dresses and menswear and I think my style falls somewhere in the middle. To be descriptive, I guess its being feminine with an edge. I don’t think I can ever define myself, I love too many styles and I tend to be propelled to odd things. I see beauty in eccentric pieces and sometimes my friends would tell me ‘No’ to several items, and I wouldn’t listen. Its weird.


Got this tweed jacket a couple of years back when it wasn’t popular. Once upon a time, tweed became my obsession and the public begged to differ. I wore the same jacket years ago and my friends would call it, the granny outerwear. I’ve always remembered that comment.

Fast forward to today (2014), when Chanel’s supermarket became the chic-est runway this season, tweed was all the rave. Without a doubt, they’ve left many statement tweeds every season over the past years decades. By all means, Chanel’s unconventional runway platform for this year’s spring/summer collection has been the talk of the town. I mean, in my virtual Instagram town. Cara Delevingne never fails to deliver stardom but Karl Lagerfeld remains a true descendant of the house of Chanel.

Back to the story, the very same friends of mine complimented how fashion forward this tweed jacket is today. What do you think? Is media the main source of influence? Are we supposed to wear what we wear only when trends start appearing on the runway?

Outfit: Tweed Jacket, Zara // Shirt, Forever 21 // Jeans, Thrifted // Bag, Michael Kors // Shoes, Charles & Keith // Earrings, Pandora // Necklace, Tiffany & Co // Watch, Michael Kors // Sunglasses, Topshop // Pink Floral Bracelet, Lovisa // Leafy Bracelet, Lovisa // Golden Floral Bracelet, Forever 21 // Monk Bracelet, Thrifted (Bali) // Lips, Too Faced (Spice Spice Baby)
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