North Border Bar & Grill


They say Rochester is the new Dempsey. The quiet, scenic, homey and folksy environment made it so. Out of the whole stretch of street, we chanced upon North Border Bar & Grill and decided to settle for a long lunch date.


To start off, we ordered drinks. Yan was comfortable with her Ginger Ale (4SGD), Rach was feeling fruity and went with Cherry Blossom (6SGD) while I had the Shirley Temple (6SGD).


Soup Of The Day, 6.90SGD

The Soup of The Day is pumpkin soup which was very creamy and not too sweet.


Chips With Salsa

We were first served with chips, on the house. The salsa has a mixture of many ingredients with slight spice and sourness that’s perfect with the papadum-like chips.


Gorgonzola Spinach Ravioli Served On Saffron Leek Coulis Topped With Smoked Salmon, 14.90SGD

The Spinach Ravioli with Leek Coulis sauce is something I would crave for when I’m feeling a little healthier. The thick Leek Coulis texture acts as a soup base for the ravioli. Kinda like eating pasta with soupy creamy sauce. And… what’s not to love of salmon???


Crispy Skinned Salmon, Roasted Potatoes, Sautéed Vegetables & Bacon Horseradish Sauce, 20.90SGD

I love how North Border Bar & Grill serve food in proper portions. An ample amount of protein, carbs and vegetables beautifully placed in one plate. Roasted potatoes, broccoli and baked salmon is definitely a healthy option.


Crispy Herbed Chicken Leg, Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Sautéed Vegetables In BBQ Sauce, 19.90SGD

Not bad.. but a little overpriced for a piece of chicken though. The mashed potato was delightful in a creamy milky way (pun not intended).


Grilled Australian Ribeye Steak, Celeriac Waldorf Salad, Roasted Potatoes & Red Wine Sauce, 22.90SGD

Done in medium, it was cooked well enough. It was tender and it tasted amazing when dabbing it with the wine sauce. The chef was nice enough to cut the part with least soft bones. Its my first time eating celeriac salad and it reminded me of crabmeats sliced like carrots, if that even make sense….. of course… not. By the way, the roasted potatoes were great too!

Warm Bittersweet Chocolate Lava Torte With Berries Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream, 10.90SGD
Indeed bittersweet as there are hints of dark chocolate within. I love how the chocolate lava would drizzle down like waterfall in slow-mo. The berries compote give it a little sourish taste to the whole dish which I could do without. Bittersweet is just enough for me.


North Border Bar & Grill has this rule whereby.. if you order the course set menus, you aren’t allowed to share amongst your friends. We ordered the 4 course set lunch menu and was traumatised as we were constantly being monitored by the waiters. Can I just remind you that we’re the customers here… Don’t mind us which food goes down which throats? For goodness sake, it’ll be nice if you eliminate this policy.

2 Course Set Lunch – 23.90SGD
3 Course Set Lunch – 26.90SGD
4 Course Set Lunch – 32.90SGD

Just a mere additional bucks to upgrade a level of course, of course we went for it hoping to share our meals. Allow us to share or simply scrap that pricing policy off and change it. A better pricing strategy would definitely make us happier customers.

North Border Bar & Grill
2 Rochester Drive
Singapore 139213
Tel: +(65) 6777 6618
Mon to Sat: 12pm-11pm

Sun: 11am-10pm

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