Hammer & Tong


Rye And Shallot Bagel With Smoked Rainbow Trout, Kale, Raddish, Poached Egg & Nori-Hollandaise, 18AUD

Finally we came about trying Hammer & Tong, a brunch cafe known for its famous Soft Shell Crab Burger. For everything that we ordered that day, it was all remarkably oh-so-fabulous.

I’m giving a double thumbs up for the Smoked Rainbow Trout Benedict on a bagel. Australian chefs are so dope. Every restaurant I know in Melbourne makes the best poached eggs, I mean it literally. Its not even a matter of who does it best, its a competition of what side complements you offer it with that differs itself from others. Rainbow Trout, Raddish and Kale sure are a unique rendition of the Benedict family that was made successful by Hammer & Tong. I’ve never tried crispy kale, it was my first time. Crunchier than seaweed because its cooked on the day itself and tasted better as well, of course. Everything above drenched in Hollandaise is always perfection.


Soft Shell Crab Burger, 12AUD

Jan told us that crabs grow up and their shells would eventually be too small for their growing bodies. Whilst in the process of regenerating a new shell, these crabs are caught, cooked and put to the table instead.

I have never liked soft shell crabs because the idea of eating shells astounds my senses. Knowing that the Soft Shell Crab Burger is Hammer & Tong’s claim to fame, I puckered up and tried a bite. Surprisingly I couldn’t feel the harshness of crispy shells and I turned out to have munched on soft meats instead. It was a teeny weeny bit salty which was preposterously the sole reason for its deliciousness.


Double Smoked Ham & Jarlsberg Croissant, 6.50AUD

Nicely and deliciously put together, but not a specialty.


Breakfast Ramen – 62c Hens Egg, Bacon, Oyster Mushrooms, Spring Onion, Bacon Dashi, 15AUD

Exquisite taste when it comes to the Bacon Dashi. It certainly was as tender as it could be. I’m still in awe on how the egg could be so beautifully made. Its definitely at that stage before poached. How was it cracked after boiled? Or was it cracked before boiled to that consistency? I mean… how could it ever be done? Someone needs to tell me its science.


We chose to sit outside because it was cool and not sunny at all. Time to dig in fellow friends!


Rachel clearly dropped her jaw with the quality of her Breakfast Ramen.


We were asked to wait half an hour before we were signaled for seats. On a Saturday noon, brunching here is a bad idea if you’re rushing for time. If time is on your side however, queue and wait up because it’ll be worth it.

Hammer & Tong
412 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
Melbourne, Victoria 3065
Tel: +(61) 03 9041 6033

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sat: 7am-11pm
Sun: 8am-4pm
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