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Macarons Spread

When it comes to macarons, what’s your favourite store? I’m torn between vast choices, but Canelé Patisserie would be one of the top competitors in my list. Probably my favourite dessert in the whole world, macarons always come in petite round shape, so delicate, so hard to make. Every bite is a whirldwind of euphoria and the sight of a whole box of it alone transcends me to seventh heaven.

Canelé Patisserie has 6 classic macaron flavours while the rest are seasonal. I laid out eight of them on a plate, 6 of the classics, and 2 of the seasonals.

1. Fleur De Sel (caramel with artisanal salt)
2. Hazelnut
3. Feuilletine (valrhona with caraibe chocolate cream and hazelnut praline)
4. Rose (with rose extract)
5. Cookies & Cream
6. Chocolate Noir

1. Lemon
2. Green Tea Pistachio

Every single of the eight are a delight, none of which I dislike. I am not kidding. If I could pick a favourite? Probably Rose, Chocolate Noir and Green Tea Pistachio. You see.. I can’t decide on only one. Macarons are generally expensive because they break easily thus the steep price. Each piece of Macaron at Canelé Patisserie costs 2.50SGD, 11.50SGD for 6 pieces, or 21.50SGD for 12 pieces.

Salad Canelé

Salad Canelé, 12SGD

Not a fond of the salads here because its too oily. The Salad Canelé is coated with anchovy dressing, a boiled egg and some strips of grilled chicken.

Wild Pumpkin Soup

Wild Pumpkin Soup, 8SGD

The pumpkin soup comes with two pieces of toast. Within, there are tastes of onions, leeks and hints of truffle oil.

Duck & Coriander

Duck & Coriander, 14.50SGD

Not the very best, I think the crepe is better eaten without the vegetables. It was just a weird combination in itself. I love the prime duck slices over the sweet hoisin sauce.

Classic Carbonara

Classic Carbonara, 16SGD

The Classic Carbonara is one of Canelé Patisserie’s best sellers when it comes to the main dishes. Its mixed with bacon, parmesan cheese, parsley, and a poached egg. The best part of the dish is how creamy and smooth the spaghettis were. It was glowing like a fake-food-display, indeed a simple dish of art.

An Intimate Affair

An Intimate Affair, 13.50SGD

Chocolates, ice cream, icing and everything else with sugar content has always been my weakness. Jumble them up together and it couldn’t go wrong. When it comes to the Intimate Affair, the ice cream just have to be milky sweet and everything else will fall into place. Yum.

Ultimately, I would definitely revisit Canelé Patisserie for the sole purpose of its macarons. One of the top, the very best. If you’re on the get go for lunch or dinner, I think you could manage it elsewhere, unless you’re getting the Classic Carbonara of course. 

Canelé Patisserie
350 Orchard Road
#05-21 Shaw House
Singapore 238868
Tel: +(65) 6735 5855
Mon to Sun: 12pm-10pm

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