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On a furniture shopping day out with Jan and Rach before we went for five scoops of gelato the night after dinner. Jan and I weren’t much of a Korean food craze fans until we came to Melbourne. Big Mama is located a street away from Melbourne University. The restaurant resembles one that we’ve been to before called ‘Oishi! Kitchen’. Literally, all the food on the menu is almost exact. In fact.. I think ‘Big Mama‘ and ‘Oishi! Kitchen‘ are sister companies.


BiBimBab, 13AUD

Regular BiBimbab with mixed seasoned vegetables, beef, fried egg, and rice underneath.


Cheese Tok Bok Gi, 13AUD

I prefered Oishi! Kitchen‘s version of sliced rice cakes. They have more ramen noodles and cheese topping. Big Mama’s version has seafood cake, less noodles and more vegetables which I thought was weird.


Cream Garlic Prawn & Kimchi Fried Rice, 15AUD

The Cream Garlic Prawn & Kimchi Fried Rice is still the real deal and hence down the best dish of all. Korean-Italian fusion is surprisingly one to drool over with.


Jap Che, 12AUD

Its my first time trying out Jap Che. It still confuses me how this delicate glass noodles could be made out of sweet potatoes but its taste was quite the deal. The noodles were fried with vegetables, mushrooms and beef. The sides behind include pan fried salmon, kimchi, and chicken salad.

Big Mama is over-infested with students and it has really high ratings on Urbanspoon. Since  ‘Big Mama‘ and ‘Oishi! Kitchen‘ serve the exact same foods and priced similarly, I have to make a comparison. I designate my votes to Oishi! Kitchen because the Cheese Tok Bok Gi owns the roof. Plus, the food placements are better because they were served in prettier plates.

Big Mama
466 Swanston Street, CBD
Victoria 3053
+(61) 03 9347 2656

Big Mama on Urbanspoon

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