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Egi had just graduated his course of study in Melbourne and was leaving for Indonesia, for good. Jan and I met up for one last dinner before he flew off. We went for Indian food at the heart of Clayton, a restaurant called Anshumann Da Dhaba. We ordered plenty, 3 different meaty curries, 3 plain naan, 1 garlic naan, and 2 rounds of papadum.


Dhaba Stuffed Pratha, 4AUD

The pratha has a weird taste, plus its very oily and buttery. Totally not worth the calories. Its my first time eating Pratha of this version and I’m rather disappointed because it looked good in the poster. I guess the phrase, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is in place, in my situation.


Butter Chicken, 8.50AUD

This Butter Chicken is not as sweet as its supposed to be. The best Butter Chicken I’ve had goes to the one in Melbourne University Union House. Though the chicken is smooth and cooked well, the curry doesn’t please me at all. It almost taste like its made with herbal/medicinal blend of curry powder.


Dhaba Goat Masala, 8.50AUD

The Goat Masala is much better than the chicken curry and has a stronger curry taste. It also has more side ingredients such as onions and various colours of bell peppers.


Fish Tikka Malabari, 15.90AUD

Fish Tikka is definitely a clear winner for the three of us. I’m only a little disappointed with the amount of fish that wasn’t able to sustain us three. Still, I reckon Fish Tikka Malabari to be that one curry not to be missed if you’re here at Anshumann Da Dhaba.


Dhaba Naan, 1.50AUD

We got ourselves one huge piece of Dhaba Naan to dip it with the various curries we ordered. I love how warm it was when it got onto our table. I could even eat them naan just by itself and would still be satisfied.


Dhaba Garlic Naan

The Dhaba Garlic Naan isn’t written on the menu list, its a hidden gem! We cut this piece to three pieces for each of us. Mmmhmmm, I still can’t decide if I prefer the normal or the garlic…



The papadum was given on-the-house and you can order up to as many times as you like. These dips were also complimentary. There’s seaweed sauce, duck sauce, yoghurt, onion bits, and two red chili types. I think the tastiest dip goes to the duck sauce (one in dark brown beside the green).



Anshumann Da Dhaba has two outlets at Clayton district, both just opposite of each other and one street away. All in all, the curries were pretty good in quality, you just have to know what to order (Naan with Fish Tikka Malabari!!!).

Anshumann Da Dhaba
331 Clayton Road
Victoria 3168
+(61) 03 9544 2291

Anshumann Da Dhaba
290 Clayton Road
Victoria 3168
+(61) 03 9543 1068

Anshumann Da Dhaba Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Anshumann Da Dhaba Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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