Mie Pangsit Harum


The locals know best. Jan and Patrick told us they used to head down to Mie Pangsit Harum for a good old Mie Pangsit. I could safely say that they taste way better than Wan Ton Mee. The fact that the owners of Mie Pangsit Harum make their own noodles from scratch (machineless) throughout the whole process just proved how good the noodles would be. 

Mie Pangsit Harum

Mie Pangsit
Within the bowl, there’s a generous amount of noodles, beef, char siew pork, bean sprouts, vegetables, and fried wan tons. Pour some chili to the bowl to pull it altogether. Simple and yet.. one of my favourite meals I had in a while. By the way, we spotted the owners of Mie Pangsit Harum with bulletproof hand muscles as a result of making these fantastico noodles every single day. Like Popeye the sailor man, I’m impressed.

Mie Pangsit Harum
Komp. Ruko Penuin Centre
Block T, No.7 (Penuin), Batam
Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

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