Melasti Kedonganan Café


Had the opportunity to eat traditional grilled seafood facing out to the sea at Melasti Kedonganan Café. Since we went on with the our personal tour guide, he already pre-ordered our meal. Each pax was entitled to his or her own plates of rice, corn soup, kangkung belacan, peanuts, grilled fish, two sticks of calamari, two grilled prawns and two clams. For drinks, we each got our own coconut fruit and aqua water. A little bit of everything makes for a satisfying meal. Of course, the grilled stuffs were the best part. The fish, prawns and clams were my favourites.


We could’ve sat outside but the wind was too strong at the time. We opted for seats inside with view of the sea. Personally, I think there are other better restaurants like these with clearer sands that has a more romantic atmosphere. Melasti Kedonganan Café serves really good food but it lacks the romantic atmospheric vibe. I would recommend this place if you come in large groups. For couples, search on other places as you will.

Melasti Kedonganan Café
Jl. Pantai Kedonganan
Jimbaran, Kuta, Bali
Denpasar, Indonesia
Tel: +(62) 3617 0222 9

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