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Overseeing the iconic Batam Barelang Bridge while having lunch at Barelang Seafood Restaurant. Barelang Seafood Restaurant is a distance away from the city. At present (2014), Barelang Seafood Restaurant is now the biggest seafood restaurant you’ll ever find in Batam. This place is really popular considering that it only started its business in June 2009. There’s even VIP rooms for companies to hold conferences and have casual seafood meals while discussing business. Moreover, there’s also a karaoke room for the interested parties.

This place is pretty exceptional in quality and has by far the best view of the Batam heritage for your eating environment. However, I would choose Rezeki Seafood Restaurant over Barelang Seafood Restaurant if you’re contemplating which Batam restaurant would be best, as they have hands down.. THE best seafood dishes.


A monkey spotted at Barelang Seafood Restaurant! Its tied against a rope so it can’t escape. Poor little doll…

What you see behind me are habitats for the various fishes. Take your pick.
Rachel excited to pick em fishes.
Each specific squared wooden gates consist of different fishes to be picked to eat. This particular squared habitat consist of crabs and squids. Still in the waters of the sea, that’s how these fishes are kept fresh and only cooked when picked by the customers. The best part?There’s tons of fishes to choose from.


Lobsters galore! Okay, you get the idea.
We had crayfishes, crabs, calamari, grouper fish and some water spinach.
Kepiting Rajungan (Kukus)
They say the best way to eat flower crabs its just by steaming it and avoid heavy sauces. The chefs made these in a simple wine sauce with garlic. Mmmhmmm, drunken crabs anyone?
Kerapu (Asam Manis)
I love grouper fish. The key is to ask them chefs to pan fry the fish first before adding sauces onto it. This is perhaps, my most favourite dishes from all of the above.

Kangkung (Tau Co)
I like my water spinach to be in belacan sauce or tau co sauce. Kangkung is the nicest addition to neutralise from all the meats we ordered.
Udang Karang Hepo (Telur Asin Basah)
So blasting good, I could distinctly taste the salted egg within the whole crayfish meat. My friend Patrick pointed to the waitress to make the salted egg a little more wet. It makes a whole lot of difference considering that now we could taste the salted egg in grungy form that slightly diffused itself with the crayfish meat.
Cumi (Goreng Tepung)
Very buttery and I actually wished we ordered another plate. I loved every single ring I put my fork into. I literally need a pile of these stuck in my ring finger (to be munched on). Please catch the metaphor when I say these squids need to marry me!!!

Here’s a shot of Patrick and Rachel excited to devour and ravage.

And Jan and myself.
So…. I had lunch at Barelang Seafood Restaurant after I previously had lunch earlier in the day. Oh dear. We each spent 15 bucks each for all that we ordered. Prices have jacked up thanks to the upcoming Chinese New Year. Well… Money doesn’t matter. What matters are good friends you know you can keep for life. Cheers to good friends and good food!

Barelang Seafood Restaurant
Jl. Trans Barelang, 
Jembatan Tengku Fisabilillah (Jembatan 1 Barelang), Batam
Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia

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  1. Kel says:

    May I know how much you spent for the meal? Anyway do they have salted egg with other seafood like prawn or sotong?

    • EveLovelle says:

      We spent 60SGD for 5 dishes including drinks. I'm very sure they have salted egg prawns. You could always request them to make any seafood choices with salted eggs. I think they are pretty flexible.

  2. curiouscat says:

    Hi, may I know if this restaurant is halal-certified? Cause I saw that you state about wine sauce in one of the dish. How about Rezeki seafood restaurant?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • Hello, I am not sure if both restaurants are halal certified. However, I do know that the owner of Rezeki Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese. Hence, there might be a huge chance that they are not a halal. You should google their number and call them up just make sure. Cheers!

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