Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk


Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk 1/4 Ekor, 21,000RP
Ayam Betutu is no stranger to the Balinese. It is one of those cuisines where you got to try if you come to Bali. I know its true because I could hardly find any back in Jakarta. Betutu combination usually comes with steamed chicken or duck, raw made chili with vegetables nuts and onions, and a bowl of rice. Not for the weak, I assure you, even I who loves super-duper-spicy chili found it spicy. Nonetheless, I still devoured on the chicken to the bone.

Sate Lilit, 20,000RP (2,000RP/piece)
Sate Lilit is another Balinese specialty. I honestly prefer normal satays because they offer more meat using thinner wooden stick for grilling. Just look at these thick wooden Sate Lilit sticks… I feel emotionally cheated every time I crave for satays but only Sate Lilit is available.
Don’t leave out Ayam Betutu on your itinerary when you come by Bali. Its a cultural food to at least try once on. But don’t blame on me if your tummy burns from doing so. Ayam Betutu Gilimanuk serves pretty good Ayam Betutu. With that, do visit any of their branches.
Rumah Makan Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk
Jl. Raya Tuban No. 2X, Tuban
Kuta, Bali
Denpasar, Indonesia
Tel: +(62) 0361 7575 35

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