Ivar’s Fish Bar


Keen for some soup on a cool breezy day, my brother (Cal) suggested Ivar’s Fish Bar. Since he’s been to Seattle and stayed there permanently for six months, he knows his way around. Ivar’s Fish Bar has the best clam chowder in town’, he said. Ivar’s chowder being the only one I’ve tried in Seattle, I don’t know how true his statement was but I don’t think he was lying. It was indeed the best chowder I’ve eaten in a long time.


Fish ‘N Chips, 8.29USD
The fish were fresh and meaty. Unlike many restaurants who serves ridiculously little meat with oily crispy skin, Ivar’s Fish ‘N Chips possesses a good old classic variation of good, meaty and fresh quality Fish ‘N Chips. I loved it.

Oysters ‘N Chips, 8.99USD
I’ve never liked oysters but the boys said it was good. One of Ivar’s Fish Bar’s top specialty dishes is their Oysters ‘N Chips.
Original Clam Chowder, (Cup, 3.9USD / Bowl, 5.9USD / Tanker, 8.9USD)
Cup is for one, Bowl for two, and Tanker for four persons. We had the Tanker and requested for smaller bowls to share. Goodness gracious the clams inside were astoundingly fresh and the soup is thick and creamy. Best meal to start of the day.
Feed the hungry seagulls, they look mightily carnivorous! Us being cheeky, we fed them some fries and it was gone in an instant.

There’s outdoor and indoor seating at Ivar’s Fish Bar. Do not seat outside or you’ll be attacked by the seagulls trying to steal your food. You have been warned.

Ivar’s Fish Bar
1001 Alaskan Way, Pier 54
Washington State 98104
United States Of America
+(61) 206 467 8063

to Sun: 10am-12am
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