Belle Epicurean Cafe & Bakery



My brother and I strolled downtown for an early breakfast. For the love of everything Parisians, both of us made a stop to Belle Epicurean Cafe & Bakery. We sat inside to avoid the Seattle’s infamous dry rain.


I got the Lentil salad as I was craving and lacking with greens while my brother ordered a sandwich. As much as I love my salad, I wished I ordered some carbs because his sandwich was way way more appetizing.


Lentil Salad

Judging by the amount of dressing they poured, I suspect my lentil salad to contain more calories than my brother’s sandwich. I love the lentils so much I could eat them with anything. Finally, I think all salad goes well with a generous amount parmesan cheese.


Ham And Egg 

Ham, egg, cheese in a toasted bun turns out to be crispy hamburger like.


Jasmine Tea

As much as I love my coffee, I love my tea too! Both of us chose Jasmine tea and it was refreshing and detoxifying at the same time.



I totally forgot to take note of the prices but we spent about 17-18 US bucks in total. An enjoyable morning just us having breakfast at Belle Epicurean Cafe & Bakery before we finally begin another day exploring the city.

Cal if you’re reading this, I wish to someday take you brunching in Melbourne 🙂

Belle Epicurean Cafe & Bakery

1206 4th Avenue
Washington State 98101
United States Of America
+(61) 206 262 9404

to Fri: 6am-5pm

Sat to Sun: 8am-3pm

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  1. Rach says:

    Your brother needs to come to Melb! It would be amazing

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