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Supper at 1.30am with my boos at Melbourne Central. Pancake Parlour is one of those cafe/restaurant that opens till 3am on weekends. We were famished after a day out in the city and decided to choke ourselves with some cellulite before we call it a night. We got the pancakes listed from the student menu at 15AUD for a plate of pancakes that includes an additional drink (Except for the Lemon Berry Pancakes). We all chose a hot cuppa chocolate each. So.. pancakes with a drink at fifteen bucks. Not bad?
What makes Pancake Parlour stands out from normal pancakes store is that its known and famous for its main ingredient: The fluffy pancake batter (duh). We don’t need to know the secret recipe, all we have to do is just.. eat. Pancake Parlour have many outlets and most of them are situated around Melbourne. That reminds me.. I’ll not miss my chance to eat at Pancakes On The Rocks when I visit Sydney sometime soon..
Alice In Wonderland
How about pancakes topped with hot chocolate fudge and sprinkled with hundreds and thousands of rainbow sugar crumbs? Its so sinful I died a little inside.

Salted Caramel Crunch
One of the best choices to order is the Salted Caramel Crunch if you’re a huge sweet tooth like me. I don’t get sick of caramel like others do and that is a bad bad bad skill to possess.
So guys.. what’s better than caramel? SALTED CARAMEL! The nuts are so crunchy and its the perfect companion for the caramel that’s drenched in ice cream.
Lemon Berry, 16.90AUD
Jan loves the fruity, exotic and less sweet pancakes so he chose the Lemon Berry. The Lemon Berry is a limited time only dish. I quite enjoyed forking several mouthfuls from his plate but I get sick of taking too much sour-ish bites way too easily.

Hot Marshmallow Chocolate
The Hot Marshmallow Chocolate tastes mediocre and I am still in a daze from Gânache Chocolate’s version of Hot Chocolate I had the week before. That beats this one a gazillion times.
Regular Stack
Decided to include this photo which I took months ago when I first came to Melbourne. Also at 15AUD (student price), I’m pleased with the two warm buttermilk pancakes, maple syrup and with ice cream that melts on it. The classic Regular Stack is Pancake Parlour’s staple and from then on I knew I have to come back to try out their other dishes.
Crowd level at 2am

Pancake Parlour is always crowded with students. To target these kiddos, Pancake Parlour offers free wifi so you can study or do your projects while eating pancakes at the same time. Other than the sweet options there are also savoury pancake choices like Cheese Kransky Pancakes, Scotch Fillet Steak Pancakes, Royal Canadian Pancakes, Cheese And Potato Pancakes, American-Style Buckleberry Pancakes, Eggs Benedict Pancakes and so many more… its endless! 
Pancake Parlour
La Trobe & Swanston Street
Level 3, Melbourne Central, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 654 3117

Mon to Thu: 7am-1am
Fri to Sat: 7am-3am

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