Sydney Fish Market

Sydney Fish Market is one of the tourist destination that everyone has to visit when they’re in Sydney. Most Australian cities are located near the harbour and the open sea, so where do we go to eat fresh seafood? In Sydney, the locals would tell you straight off to visit Sydney Fish Market

Fish Market Cafe
Among the restaurants options available at Sydney Fish Market, Jan and I ordered our seafoods from two places. The first one called ‘Fish Market Cafe‘, and the other one ‘Christie’s Seafood Excellence
Seafood Platter For Two, 34.50AUD
Feeling a little confused with all the choices available, we decided to take it easy and order a sharing platter for two at Fish Market Cafe. The platter includes and Grilled Scallops, Oyster Mornay (Cheese Baked) and Kilpatrick (Bacon), BBQ Baby Octopus, Calamari Rings, King Prawns, Fish Pieces, Crabmeat Sticks, with Rice or Chips. Of course, we chose chips! Overall we kind of regret having the platter because it defeats the purpose of coming here with the intention to have real FRESH seafood…. meaning… everything un-deep-fried

Fish Market Cafe
Bank Street, Shop 5 Waterfront Arcade
Sydney Fish Market
Sydney, New South Wales 2009
Tel: +(61) 02 9660 4280

Mon to Sun: 7am-4pm

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Christie’s Seafood Excellence
Fresh prawns galore!


Large Cooked King Prawns, 36.50AUD/KG
One of them wasn’t fresh but the other five that we ordered were indeed worthy of purchasing. Fresh prawns are best being eaten alone without any sauces of any sort. Spoilt me always made Jan peel them prawns for me. *Inserts smiley face*

Atlantic Salmon (Sashimi), 49.90AUD/KG
We ordered 15AUD worth of sashimi. The salmon here are really fresh and best part of all? Thick cuts!
Its not even lunch period yet and its so crowded.

Christie’s Seafood Excellence
Bank Street, Shop 6 Waterfront Arcade
Sydney Fish Market
Sydney, New South Wales 2009
Tel: +(61) 02 9552 3333
Mon to Sun: 7am-4pm

Christie's Seafood Excellence - Sydney Fish Market on Urbanspoon
Taken at this restaurant shop called Nicholas Seafoods
Better arrive here early because it gets really packed especially during lunch periods. Notice how most people here are Asian (all tourists)? Its really popular among foreigners to experience eating food straight fresh from the suppliers who directly sent all these seafoods to Sydney Fish Market on the day itself. We even saw some tour guides bringing a group of their people into the market. It might be a little overrated, but this place is still an activity of its own and I thoroughly enjoyed my morning just by eating at Sydney Fish Market.
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