Hurricane’s Grill

Probably the most anticipated dinner for our whole trip was at Hurricane’s Grill. Initially we wanted to order the Hurricane’s BBQ Meat Platter at 94.90AUD which includes BBQ Basted Chicken Wings, Boerewors Sausages, Juicy Lamb Cutlets, Short Cut Sirloin and Hurricane’s Famous Ribs. After much deliberation, the waitress suggested that we dont because the portion serves approximately three to four people. Agreeing that Australian portions are generally huge, we listened and ordered a full rack of ribs and a starting platter instead. Three girls sat beside our table and went along to order the BBQ Meat Platter and they didn’t manage to finish it. To Jan and my disappointment… we should’ve listened to our guts and order the platter because the portion was just perfect for us. Judging by my petite size, the waitress think I’m always seen as a small eater and its hard for everyone to believe that I eat way more than guys do. My friends aren’t ever anymore surprised.
That aside, I thought the pork ribs at Hurricane’s Grill were one of the best and the quality of it is on par with ribs served at my favourite restaurant, Tony Romas. So much good reviews they have at this place, even my friends from overseas know its existence and recommended us that we MUST visit Hurricane’s Grill.
Boerewors, 18AUD
Incredible Traditional South African Beef Sausage that was mildly spiced and served with Mashed Potato. I couldn’t getpass how awesomely tasty these Boerewors were. When two matching elements meet, the Spanish Sauce and the Boerewors sum up to the perfect marriage.
Hurricane’s Ribs (Pork Ribs), 34.90AUD for half rack / 44.90AUD for full rack
There are three options for the ribs, choose either from pork, beef or lamb. Personally, I think when barbecued like this, pork ribs are the tastiest out of the three options. Try it and you’ll know why. I would like to think that there’s BBQ and honey sauce glazed on the surface area of the meats and bones. We also chose chips instead of the baked potato that comes along with.
We were contented enough with our meal other than the fact that we wished we actually ordered the huge platter to really fill ourselves up. Truly, Hurricane’s Grill ribs were heavenly.
Honeydew Green Tea, 3.50AUD
Had our tea refilled twice. The Honeydew Green Tea washes out what we ate and helps to digest our food faster so we can eat more afterwards. I love this tea because the green tea has a subtle sweetness from the honeydew contents.
We came early at 5.45pm as Hurricane’s Grill restaurant at Darling Harbour opens up for dinner at 5.30pm. By this time, look how many people have dominated the window seats? There’s also an alfresco dining area where you get to see view of Darling Harbour and enjoy the cool breeze. I’m not up for sunlight so we sat inside.
By the time we left, we spot queues outside. For these quality ribs, its definitely worth the wait.
Can you virtually hear my stomach growling? Now we’re ready to eat!!!! And P.S, don’t be embarrassed to eat with your hands, everyone wants the very last bit of meat eaten and using hands to eat is much more than satisfactory.


Hurricane’s Grill
Level 2, Shops 433-436
Harbourside Shopping Centre, Darling Harbour
Sydney, New South Wales 2000
Tel: +(61) 02 9211 2210
Mon to Fri (Lunch): 12pm-3pm
                 (Dinner): 5pm Till Late
Sat to Sun: 12pm Till Late
PH:12pm Till Late
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  1. Good choice! I ordered the pork ribs and boerewors last time I went too, authentic south african sausage. Fully agree.

  2. Padaek says:

    The pork ribs look amazing! I try to always listen to my tummy rather than the waitstaff. Honeydew tea sounds lovely too. 🙂

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