Chica Bonita


One of the most satisfying meals we had in Sydney was at Chica Bonita. Chica Bonita is what I would recommend if you visit Manly Beach. There’s a separate menu for lunch and dinner periods. We had a sinful lunch.


Look at our ‘jug’ and ‘cups’.


Carne Asada, 13AUD

The Carne Asada Burrito has flame grilled steak with beans, rice, cheese and pico de gallo. I love how the cheese and warm temperature makes all the ingredients merge into one crazy arse good single inseparable molecule.


Veggie Fries, 13AUD

Thin fries are my favourite kind of fries. Cheesy cheese fries are my guilty pleasure. Hence this Veggie Fries is perfection. The cheese would melt on the fries and black beans. When it hardens, the fries would turn sticky and I loooove it! I am running out of words to find the perfect adjective to describe how amazing these Veggie Fries are. The Guacamole and Tomato Salsa add a slight hint of freshness to this sinful junk.


The Mexican theme of Day Of The Dead is incorporated within the interiors of the Chica Bonita with skull and cross displays. There’s also several day of the dead posters hanged around the other side of the wall.


Service was good as food were served pretty quickly. Chica Bonita is a tiny restaurant that holds a lot of charm and I don’t think everyone could appreciate its beauty. I on the other hand very much appreciate this kind of quirky and out of the ordinary artistry. 

Chica Bonita
7 The Corso, Manly Beach
Sydney, New South Wales 2095
Tel: +(61) 02 9976 5255

Mon: Closed
Tue to Sun (Lunch): 11.30am-3pm
                (Dinner): 6pm-11pm

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