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ChezA Dré is officially one of my favourite brunch places of all time. Every single dishes that we ordered were very satisfactory and presented so beautifully. Although they are slightly on the pricier side as compared to other brunch places, I’m one hundred percent sold. By all means.. take all my money. 
They are that good. Not only is Chez Dré known for its brunch dishes, they are especially famous for their dessert selection. Every cake sold at Chez Dré is too pretty to eat.

Glazed Pork Belly, 21.50AUD
I ordered the Glazed Pork Belly and damn.. that was the best lump of meat I ate in months. Accompanied with a squared Corn Polenta Cake, two beautiful Poached Eggs and a spread of Avocado Puree, I was living the dream.

Moroccan Baked Eggs, 18.50AUD
I’m not one to have tons of coriander on my plate, but I tried bites of the Baguette with mixtures of Lamb Sausages, Tahini Yoghurt, Mint, Eggs, and I must say that the Moroccan Baked Eggs was also a taste pleaser.
Reuben Sandwich, 21.50AUD
Sometimes you just want a good old sandwich to devour on. Just judging from how it looks alone, you could tell that this Reuben Rye Toast containing layers and layers of Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Elemental Cheese are just combinations that you wouldn’t wanna miss. The sauce in the mini can was a Russian Dressing. Eating with a happy face, I could tell that Pat really loved what he ordered.
Duck Sandwich, 23.50AUD
Monster Yan’s Duck Sandwich was humongous. One does not simply NOT love Confit Pulled Duck. That’s my favourite part of a duck to eat, way better foie gras (P.s I dislike foie gras).
It may looked like beetroot but its actually red cabbages. What won Yan over into deciding to order the Duck Sandwich was the fact that there was Grated Apple and Truffle Mayonnaise added into it. Oh yes, the Onion Jam poured on top the shredded duck confit was insanely good as well.

Green Tea, Kalamanzi & Muscovado Sugar, 9.50AUD
If you want a more subtle sweet flavour, try the matcha cake. Its sweet but is still as light as air. There’s a yellow Kalamanzi Jelly right in the centre of the cake. I love being surprised not knowing what I would see and taste when I’m cutting cakes and taking bites.

Hazelnut-Praline Crunch, 9.50AUD
Pat who had been here several times told us that we should not leave Chez Dré without trying the Hazelnut-Praline Crunch. I would be recommending the same to anyone who reads this. Imagine how would a ball of Ferrero Rocher would be like if its transformed to a cake, but ten times better. Chez Dré is my weakness because most of their cakes have biscuit crunches at the bottom. Many layered textures, different flavours in layers… Best, thing, ever!!!!

The epitome of a perfect day, I’m all smiles
Most cakes are usually sold out by 2.30pm. Don’t they all look heavenly? Chez Dré is also known for their macarons. They all cost 3AUD each. I can’t wait to come back and try every single one of them! ‘Cinnamon Red Bean’, ‘Blackcurrant’, ‘Lime Basil’, ‘Tonka Orange’, all these unique flavours are worth a try.
Make sure to make a left turn when you see the Chez Dré signage. There’s an indoor and outdoor seating area depending on your preference. We waited for a good half an hour when we arrived at 12.30pm before getting a seat outside. Don’t worry so much about missing breakfast/brunch because they serve them all day. The pictures of the layout was taken after lunchtime on a weekday and it was still pretty crowded. Lesson learned, arrive earlier next time!

Chez Dré
285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Tel: +(61) 03 9690 2688

Mon to Sun: 7.30am-4.30pm

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