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Pulled Pork Belly, Potato + Parsnip Mash, Vin Cotto Pickled Apple, Parsley, Radicchio, 30AUD
We had our last dinner in Sydney at Bootleg Bar & Italian Food. Even though we were wearing our beachwear in this formal setting bar while everyone else were in their formal wear, the waiters still serve us with a smile and a sense of excitement. They appear so eager for us to order and try out their food.
Jan’s Pulled Pork Belly is uniquely tasty. He’s idea of the perfect dish is where portion of carbs and protein is necessary. What about vege? Not so much. The Pulled Pork Belly was able to suck in the juices of the gravy. It tasted so good because the gravy and its natural juice were able to be diffused together.

Fusilli With Wild Mushrooms, Sage, Cream, Truffle, 27AUD
I on the other hand was feeling carbsy pasta and I did not regret my choice. This Fusilli pasta was one of the best pasta I’ve eaten in my life. Wild mushrooms really bring out the flavour. Combined with truffle? That is killer! I have to say, I’m starting to love the bits and pieces of sage leaves, it tastes like crispy seaweed.
Both of us were torn to choose which of the two mains above were better, we both couldn’t decide.
Banoffee Tart, 12AUD
Banoffee tart is an English dessert made from bananas, toffee and cream from boiled condensed milk. One may expect this particular dessert to be overly sweet but its definitely not. I think the Banoffee Tart at Bootleg Bar & Italian Food is popular because of the subtlety. 
Bootleg Bar & Italian Food made our last night in Sydney memorable. We wished that portions were slightly bigger because we were starved at that point of time. Nonetheless I was pleased with their food quality and service. Ten out of ten for food. Two thumbs up!

Bootleg Bar & Italian Food
175 Victoria Street, Potts Points
Sydney, New South Wales 2011
Tel: +(61) 02 9361 3884

Mon: Closed
Tue to Wed: 4pm-11pm
Thu to Sat: 4pm-1am
Sun: 4pm-11pm

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