Beach Situation


There’s barely any crowd today because the winds are too strong to go naked in a bikini. Even my sweater and jacket wasn’t enough to keep me warm. If I were to stand on sands my hair would blow out to a thousand different directions. Blocked by a tower while looking at the ocean is where I’ll hide. Shades is a must to prevent sands from getting to my eyes on this cray cray windy day.
Bondi Beach is one of Sydney’s best beaches. The Aboriginals called it ‘Bondi’ that meant the noise of water breaking against the rocks. I’m not a beach person but at times I need a tonic of wildness and to get lost in the serenity of the quiet. Sometimes, you need to get lost to be found.

Sweater, Thrifted // Shorts, Urban Outfitters // Bag,
Michael Kors // Clog Sandals, Dotti // Earrings, Pandora // Necklace, Tiffany
& Co // Belt, Guess // Sunglasses, Cotton On // Charm Bracelet, Pandora // Bracelets,
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