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Walked along the streets of Bondi Beach throughout the afternoon and decided to settled in at Bavarian Bier Café for dinner. As usual, we love to share our mains half and half most of the time.
Beef Burger, 10AUD
Bavarian Bier Café has daily specials weekly. For Thursdays of this month, its 10AUD Beef Burgers or Snitzchel Burger. Since we already have a piece of snitzchel in our starting platter, we chose the beef. Oh my we don’t regret our choice. The beef steak was done in Medium tenderness. When bitten, the meat within was still pinkish and it tasted like heaven.
Tasting Platter, 29AUD
There’s Schnitzel, three various German Sausages, a slice of Pork Knuckle with Apple Compote , Mashed Potatoes, Pan Fried Potatoes and some beetroot. The star element for this platter goes to the Pork Knuckle. I feel like my cholesterol rate increased by a mile but it was all so so so worth it.

Paulaner Premium Pils, 11AUD (500ml)
Jan said that beers are best drank when you have German food to go along with. Crisp, spicy and dry was what was written and alcohol content is at 4.9%
The place is pretty chill and we see most people drinking and chit chatting their nights away rather than having a meal at all. In fact, it was only us who were eating at that point of time.
We’re not exactly full to the brim, but filled up enough. T’was a good experience here at Bavarian Bier Café overall.
Bavarian Bier Café
108 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach
Sydney, New South Wales 2026
Tel: +(61) 02 8988 5935

Mon to Sun: 11am-12am

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