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Yes, that’s a pool table!

At The Lucky Coq, you can buy any pizza on their menu and ALL (28 choices) of them will cost only… 4 frigging dollars! Scroll down below to check on the timings of the 4 dollar promotion. The Lucky Coq’s exterior seemed a little dodgy and we didn’t expect the interior to be so warmly lighted with Disco balls hanging on the ceilings. Its so cozy and I was for a moment, brought back to the 1970s.
The Lucky Coq has two floors. The second floor has an alfresco dining area but it was too cold to be outside. We preferred to stay indoors sitting at the cozy sofa seats exchanging warmth indulging on warm hot dogs and pizzas. The pizza quality isn’t spectacular but it was well worth it for its price. My boys and girls (five of us) ordered five pizzas and two lucky coq dogs. I think I ate the most and my tummy was happy.
The pizzas have thin crust so we save a lot of calories from all the cabs and gluten. Yay or nay?
Calamari Pizza
Calamari Pizza, 4AUD
My favourite pizza of the night was Calamari Pizza. Contents are tomato sauce for the base, calamari marinated in garlic & chilli, ginger, onions, mozzarella, capers and rosemary oil.
Gorgonzola Pizza
Gorgonzola Pizza, 4AUD
Its difficult to cut the prosciutto to share, but it was still good. I love the saltiness. If there’s one thing that I would take away from this pizza would be gorgonzola blue cheese because I hate them.

Mexicoq Pizza, 4AUD
Decent tasteful chicken marinated in taco spices, lettuces, salsa and mozzarella cheese.

Salmone Pizza
Salmone Pizza, 4AUD
My second favourite pizza of the night was the salmone. The smoked salmon was too soft for salmon meat but I liked it. Its weird but the mascarpone content mixed with cheese is something I’ll never expect. I wish they would put more spinach on it but overall its still yummy for my tummy.
Chocolate Pizza
Chocolate Pizza, 4AUD
Horrible looking dark belgian chocolate pizza with mascarpone. Psst, I still ate them to the last bites because how could you say no to dark belgian chocolate???? Hate the presentation, love the bittersweet chocolate taste on the pizza bread base.
The Caliente Libre (Mexican)
The Caliente Libre (Mexican), 4AUD
Choose from two options for the hot dogs, ‘Wagyu’ or ‘Traditional Frankfurt’. We chose traditional frankfurt for both hot dogs. The Mexican topping is slightly spicy and I love it. It consists of the chili corn carne mix, diced tomatoes, spring onion and three neat corn chips.

The Scheizer (German)
The Scheizer (German), 4AUD
On top of the dog is this German topping with sauerkraut, seeded mustard and tomato sauce. I had higher hopes for the German topping to the Mexican but after trying them both, I must say I didn’t quite like the German and loved the Mexican way more.

Here’s Rachel and I being the glutton that we are. 
Kun had a single malt whisky, the Glenmorangle from Highland Scotland and it costed him 9AUD. There’s so many drinks to choose from as well you’ll be spoilt for choice. The Lucky Coq is dope!
The 4AUD pizza at The Lucky Coq only applies only at the following hours:
Monday: 11.30am-4pm
Tuesday: 11.30am-4pm
Wednesday: 11.30am-4pm
Thursday: 11.30am-4pm
Friday: 11.30am-4pm
Saturday: 7-9pm
Sunday: All day till 11pm
The Lucky Coq
179 Chapel Street, Prahran, Windsor
Melbourne, Victoria 3181
Tel: +(61) 03 9525 1288
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