Shady Shelves

Oops you caught me looking at books? Over the course of my life, I’ve probably read less than 10 good books and a gazillion magazines. Talk about magazines, I don’t like the weight of it and storing them in the storage is a waste of space. Worst of all… I hate throwing them and I know some day I have to. Its like throwing a part of me and I’m not ready to EVER do so! My solution? I buy magazines through my Ipad mini and be subscribed to some of them annually. Its definitely cheaper, lighter and the best part? I get to listen to free music, videos, and ‘shop the page’! ‘Shop the page’ links all of the items at one page to a web where I can shop online at the comfort of my own home or anywhere else with wifi.
P.s, I’m not in a library, I’m in a bar with four friends catching up, pretty cool bar aye?

Outfit: Dress, Hula & Co // High Ankle Boots, H&M // Bag, Michael Kors // Necklace, Tiffany & Co // Pearl Earrings, Pandora // Charm Bracelet, Pandora

Hair: Curled by Corioliss
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