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Live up to the soul of Seoul. Jan and I made two trips to Seoul Soul and one of those times, we ordered two mains to share and the following trip we chose to have a main each and ordered two bowls of rice. There’s something about Korean chili that blew my mind. Oh! And kimchi too! I have to ask for more kimchi several times. Hey.. its free anyway! My apologies for the blurry photo, I took it with my iphone hurriedly because pfft… people were staring.

Teriyaki Tofu
Teriyaki Tofu, 16AUD
At first we were startled and puzzled on why the Teriyaki Tofu costs more expensive than the Chargrilled Pork Belly?? The waiter told us that the way of cooking plays a part in setting up the cost in the first place. The tofu had to be pan fried and fried twice. I’m not one to talk on the cooking, I’ll deal with the eating! The tofu is mushy soft and full of teriyaki flavour. Its really yummy.
Chargrilled Pork Belly
Chargrilled Pork Belly (180g), 14AUD
I must say I preferred the Teriyaki Tofu than the Chargrilled Pork Belly. Yeah it was good, but the meat was a tad bit too hard for my liking.
Beef Bulgogi Dosiraki
Beef Bulgogi Dosiraki, 14AUD
Jan ordered Beef Bulgogi Dosiraki (Wooden Meal Bucket) and the portion was really generous. He said it was really a satisfying and hearty meal.

Spicy Pork Stone-Pot Bibimbap
Spicy Pork Stone-Pot Bibimbap, 15AUD
I on the other hand was craving for bibimbap and that was why we chose a Korean restaurant at the first place. Mine was just as good as Jan’s. I wished the meat portion could add up a little bit more because it was really little.
Seoul Soul’s tiny interior would only suffice up about 20 to 25 people or so. Part of the beauty of Melbourne restaurants, I always wonder on how having so little seats allow restaurants to mobilize their ability to earn and make a profit. By profit I mean good big profits. Before you head in, there’s many advertisements on different magazines that were cropped out and pasted on the walls. That’s a whole lot of them indeed. Yes the food quality here is really pretty good. Even Urbanspoon viewers liked it so I suppose Seoul Soul deserves a thumbs up.

Seoul Soul
323 Victoria Street
Abbotsford, Victoria 3067
Tel: +(61) 478 768 760

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