Pink Flake

Chose a random Fish & Chips small eatery called Pink Flake before the girls and I head down to St Kilda Beach to have a cuppa iced coffee each. Apparently Pink Flake has mediocre reviews online. From my experience, the Pink Flake’s fish quality is not something to look out for, but we thoroughly enjoyed the chips because they were crispy, fluffy and very potato-eyish. Yum.
The Pink Pack
The Pink Pack, 9.70AUD
All flakes are assumed to be fried unless you ask them to be grilled. I was having a cough on that day so I chose it grilled and I paid 0.50AUD extra for having it my way.. The Pink Pack comes with one flake fillet (small) chips with lemon & tartare sauce. I asked for Barramundi fish because they’re one of my favourites. However, they didn’t turn out to be good as I hoped it would.
Fishes to choose from are the ‘Flake (6.90AUD)’, ‘Blue Grenadier (6.70AUD)’, ‘Barramundi (6.80AUD)’, ‘King George Whiting (8.90AUD)’, ‘Grilled Salmon (8.90AUD)’ Just top up the difference to exchange your flake.
The fries are of so generous portions and I finished them all and took some more fries from my girls’ basket. At this point….. #CoughDon’tCare.
Two Of A Kind

Two Of A Kind, 25.40AUD
Rachel and Yan had the ‘Two Of A Kind’ pack which consists of two Flake Fillets, two Calamari Rings, two Prawn Cutlets, two Seafood Sticks, (medium) Chips with lemon & tartare sauce. The fish was normal and there’s nothing to rave about that makes it oh-so-special. The Seafood Sticks (crab sticks) were especially horrible and tasted like chewy fish cakes.
We still enjoyed our time in this chilly cool weather, people watching, story telling, gossipping and just spending our noon away with no agenda up ahead. My girlfriends are one of my source of power, they gave me positive energy and I love spending every single second with them. 
Ending the post with glutton/hungry Rachel eating her chips.

Pink Flake
92A Acland Street, St Kilda
Melbourne, Victoria 31812
Tel: +(61) 03 8525 0198

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