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Oishi! Kitchen is one of the best Japanese-Korean fusion restaurant I’ve tasted in Melbourne. Voted and ranked above 90% on Urbanspoon just proved that most of you guys would agree with my statement. Oishi! Kitchen is truly oooooiiiissshhi!!!
For starters we had a complimentary salad bowl

Cream Garlic Prawn & Kimchi Fried Rice
Cream Garlic Prawn & Kimchi Fried Rice, 15AUD
I ordered The Kimchi Fried Rice and it was oh-so-divine.. Who knew seafood creamy pasta sauce could blend in perfectly with Korean kimchi? The Kimchi Fried Rice is also known to be one of Oishi! Kitchen’s best sellers. Every table around us would have at least a plate of Kimchi Fried Rice present. There’s clams, squids, prawns and mussels on my creamy sauce.
Cheese Tok Bok Gi
Cheese Tok Bok Gi, 13AUD
Tok Bok Gi is meant to be cheese-less but you could add a dollar for tons of drizzly melted mozzarella. Tok Bok Gis are Korean Rice cakes that are cooked in a sweet and spicy sauce with mild amount of vegetables. Oh! There’s ramen noodles on this one too. Yum!

Sukiyaki Hot Pot
Sukiyaki Hot Pot, 14AUD
I did not realise the picture turned out to be a blur after I took it on my iphone. One shot one kill??? Next time I better take a few more to be certain. Part of the reason was because it was sizzling bubbles and we’re all basically too hungry to focus with the pictures.
The Sukiyaki Hot Pot turned out to be pleasantly tasty. The soup is a little salty but sweet at the same time. Sweet? Yes, its the carrots and cabbages doing. Tofu, beef, glass noodles, spring onions, golden mushrooms, rice cakes are all in it.

Chicken Karage
Chilli Chicken Karaage, 14.80AUD
The Chili Chicken Karaage was well marinated in a tangy mix of soy sauce and garlic, deep fried and topped with sweet chili sauce and sesame nuts. Indeed another yummy dish.
We had four main dishes to be shared among three but we managed to finish them all (as usual)… We did not regret ordering any of our dishes. It was all too good, really. I don’t usually like pickles but I even love Oishi! Kitchen’s rendition of mixed chilli pickles. My friend told me that dieting can always wait till tomorrow.

He’s right…
Oishi! Kitchen
286 Chapel Street, Prahran
Melbourne, Victoria 3181
Tel: +(61) 03 9972 4517
 Oishi Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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