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Combination, (25AUD for 1 pax, 45AUD for 2 pax, add 22AUD for additional pax)
The Combination that we ordered was for three persons (picture above) so we paid 67AUD for this plate alone. In total, we had three huge plates containing seven portions to be shared among the nine of us. Australian portions are huge, that we were weary. Seven portions was just about right for all of us. Each and everyone of my friends love. Little Africa and they said that they would recommend this restaurant for casual dining with their friends or parents even. Personally, I think I was the only one who felt the least satisfied. I was happy with the meats and vegetables but left unimpressed with the sourdough flatbread right at the bottom. It’d be nicer if it was crispy and not be gooey-pancake-like. The worst part was that I get hints of a sour aftertaste that lingers in my mouth for minutes every time I took a bite of the sourdough. I’m not a fan but everyone seemed to love that sourness sensation.
The Combination is a sharing platter and this is what most people would order when they come to Little Africa. There will be sourdough flatbread at the bottom and you can pick your choice of Poultry, Chicken, Seafood, Beef and Lamb flavours (ones in metal bowls). You’ll also be served salad and three vegetable options. Some vegetable options include pumpkins, potatoes, chickpeas, lentils, cabbages, mixed vegetables etc. I loved the curry vegetables as well as the potatoes. My favourite meats out of the three goes to the fish and chicken. We simply asked the waiters to choose the best ones for us.
You can also just order the vegetarian combinations which would cost less. Its relatively difficult impossible for us omnivores to ditch meats out from our meal. No can do!

My homies with our gigantic meal. Quite a cozy setting they have don’t you think? I’m really liking the random Ethiopian ornaments decorated on the walls. 
Overall I liked Little Africa, everything but the sourdough pancakes was good. You might just like the sourness of the flatbread. Who knows?
Little Africa
358 Victoria Street, North Melbourne
Melbourne, Victoria 3051
Tel: +(61) 03 9329 8018

Tue to Sun: 5pm-10pm

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