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Jan and I had our usual ritual of having dinner together right after our evening Sunday mass session. Victoria street, where the long stretch of (mostly) Asian restaurants are located, is our new favourite place to hang out after church. We’re simply spoilt for choice every week as we drove pass the foodie heaven trying to crack our brains and wonder, ”Where do we eat today?” Amongst the uncountable choices of Vietnamese restaurants, we picked a random one called Bun Bo Hue Co Do Vietnamese Restaurant because it was one of the most crowded. Figuring that locals should know their way around when it comes to food, we settled in here.

Phở Tái Chín
Phở Tái Chín, S:8AUD/M:9AUD/L:10AUD
Jan ordered phở with rare beef while I ordered phở with rare beef and chicken. Chicken on a phở? I thought it was odd and they offered it so I gave it a try. I loved it, not as much as I love the rare beef but it was still pretty good. The soup is very authentic, fragrant and flavoursome. Its not thick nor oily, just perfect.
Cha Giò Tôm
Cha Giò Tôm + Cha Giò Heo, 8AUD
I thought for its size, the prawn and pork spring rolls are overpriced and not value for money. Bad call for this one.
If you order a phở, you will be served with a bowl of bean sprouts. You are supposed to dip the bean sprouts on your hot phở. Nonetheless it still wasn’t thoroughly cooked when I did and I especially hate uncooked bean sprouts. The bean sprouts also made my warm phở cooler, which I would rather not have! Tip: take the cabbage slice, put a spring roll above it and dip it with the orangey-oily sauce. Its the best combination ever. Yum yum.
I will come back to Bun Bo Hue Co Do Vietnamese Restaurant just for their phở. But before that, I would want to try other hidden gems Victoria street has to offer.
Bun Bo Hue Co Do Vietnamese Restaurant
196 Victoria Street, Richmond
Melbourne, Victoria 3121
Tel: +(61) 03 9421 2418

Mon to Sun: Open Daily

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