Strictly Pancakes

Garlic Buttered Prawn
The first initial taste of my Garlic Buttered Prawns was yummy. The garlic portions were very generous too. However, the feeling of nausea kicked in when I was having my last slice of pancake. The garlic taste in my mouth was indeed too strong and too much!
Strictly Pancakes serve only pancakes. Well…. obviously.. Even though Strictly Pancakes is famous for their much raved about quality pancakes, I do not think that they are the best pancake outlet there is. Of course, they are an oligopolistic pancake outlet in Singapore and maybe that is why our expectations are set to the standards. However, if you have tried more famous pancake outlets such as IHOP or Pancake Parlour, no way would Strictly Pancakes ever be able to compare in standards.
Beef Me Up
Thicker pancake with little bit of beef meat. This one is so unsatisfying. Please… go get a burger.

Benedict The Thief
Anything Benedict would seem good. Well of course I would rather have English muffin with bacon or salmon underneath my poached eggs rather than pancakes and ham. Benedict The Thief is quite good but not spectacular.

Potatoes Leeking Cheese
This is what happens when you fry your pancake batter with cheese and potatoes. The texture becomes different and is now similar to a baked potato while still maintaining a little bit of the pancake texture.

Chicken A La King

Chicken A La King is a fail dish. Pancakes and chickens cannot harmonize. Well that’s because I’ve never witness a tasty one? Someone please prove me wrong.
The Druggie
The Druggie is my favourite of all the above. I ordered this one when I was here for the second time. You might get cloyed up with the sweetness of it if you order it for yourself. Do share this one and please request for more chocolate sauce and chocolate flakes.
Strictly Pancakes is a shophouse near plaza Singapura and Bras Basah. Apologies for not taking note of the prices. I came here twice and spent about almost 20SGD per person after GST and tax for both times. Then again, Strictly Pancakes is one of those restaurants that you should at least try once. Whether sweet or savoury pancakes, they have plenty of choices for you to choose from. For me, I would go for the sweet!
Strictly Pancakes
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674
Tel: +(65) 6333 4202
Mon: 6pm-10pm
Tue to Thu: 11.30am-10pm
Fri: 11.30am-12am
Sat: 10am-4pm
Sun: 10am-4pm

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