Proud Mary

Made two trips down to Proud Mary. The first trip I went with Rachel for our weekly brunch date. Figured that Proud Mary is too good of a restaurant to only visit once and I really wanted to try out the other dishes on the list, so I visited here the second time with the boyfriend. I’ll combine the two visits into one single blog post.
Avocado, 16AUD
Rach ordered Avocado which uses a farmhouse toast topped with avocado slices (of course), charred corn, quinoa and some tabouleh goat cheese. Chili oil was also added so the whole dish don’t turn out dry while giving it some flavour.
Almond Porridge
Almond Porridge, 12AUD
Being so…… Asian, today I learnt that porridge here refers to oats, not rice. Was pretty disappointed that this wasn’t what I expected, I was pleasantly surprised on how good the porridge was. The fruits (banana and pears) and caramel sauce really complement the creamy and bland oats. I never knew oats could taste this good! Now I can definitely be more creative with my oat Quakers.
Potato Hash
Potato Hash, 16.50AUD
The second time I was here, Jan ordered Potato Hash. Proud Mary’s version of potato hash is potato rosti topped with grilled bacon, boiled spinach and an egg of your choice. They used bagna cauda dipping sauce so good when mixed with the thin sliced rosti. Heck yes I’m definitely into thin rosti slices over the typical fat ones!
Ricotta Hotcakes
Ricotta Pancakes, 16.5AUD
I ordered the Ricotta Pancakes with mulled wine spiced sticky pears on top and rose mascarpone that is sprinkled with toasted hazelnuts. The pancake batter was pretty good. Come to think about it, I think I would rather choose sweet sauces like caramel, butterscotch, chocolate or maple syrup over this wine sauce. I’m a sucker for sweet, thick and creamy sauces.
The layout of Proud Mary seemed pretty sleek. There’ll be queues outside on normal days and crazy queues during the weekend. There’s no queue right now cus I snapped this right after the rain stopped. Or else, people would be dining outside. There are tables and chairs right behind the blue gates. As of today, Proud Mary ranks top 5 on Urbanspoon for breakfast/brunch places to visit. I would definitely recommend this brunch cafe.
Proud Mary
172 Oxford Street
Collingwood, Victoria 3066
Tel: +(61) 03 9417 5930

Mon to Fri: 7am-4pm
Sat to Sun: 8am-4pm

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