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The girls and I were frustrated from doing essays and studying for exams. In my case its not so much because I’m affected by how difficult my papers will turn out to be, its more of… the thought of having to study and how I need to battle with the constant procrastination that stresses me out. I can’t seem to put myself in the right state of mind. Frustration built up and we had tons of corn chips, pretzels, a box of carrot cake, apple toffee muffin, gummies, sweets, almond chocolates, chocolate marshmallows, butterscotch marshmallows, a huge kit kat bar, and more… (I’m not even kidding?!) the night before, over our study session at Yan’s. Holy manoly we finished them all…. The next day we blatantly ordered junk, had a burger each and shared two servings of fries for us three at Perkup Expresso Bar.
Expresso here not espresso, not a typo!
Bacon Burger, 8.90AUD
The three burgers looked rather plain but I must say they are surprisingly yummier than I thought they would be. (Maybe we’re just too hungry). They’re not all that spectacular burgers, just several yummy ingredients pressed and put together. Thanks to the French mustard and mayo, our burgers’ deliciousness elevated up to another level. The meat here is black angus beef pattie and topped with lettuce, cheese, bacon, bacon and tomato sauce. Yup three sauces in one burger. Fat.
Grilled Chicken Burger, 9.80AUD
Rachel ordered the Grilled Chicken Burger which consists of three slices of grilled chicken tenderloin with salad, tomatoes, spanish onions, salad mix, french mustard and mayo.
Perkup Burger, 7.60AUD
Regretted ordering the Perkup Burger because I missed out in the tantalising looking bacon with cheese. Add these two ingredients and the Perkup Burger becomes the Bacon Burger shown earlier.
French Fries
French Fries, 3.90AUD
I love them thin fries with buttery sauce. The butter sauce was amazing.
Question & Answer:
Surveyor + surveyee: Me
1) Thick or thin fries? Thin
2) Crispy or soggy? Both
3) Salted or unsalted? Salted
4) Fries or sweet potato fries? Normal fries
5) Favourite dipping sauce? Nacho cheese/ Curry sauce/ garlic chili + mayonnaise!!


The interior of Perkup Expresso Bar is very cramped and small in general. There’s seats outside too if you wish to dine while people watch at the same time. They have hipster posters on the walls as decorations. Perkup Expresso Bar specializes in serving breakfast and coffees for morning goers as well as burgers during lunch periods.
Time to dig in!


Perkup Expresso Bar
6/610 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9620 2837
Mon to Fri: 5.30am-8pm
Sat: 6am-8pm
Sun: 6.30am-8pm


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  1. Anonymous says:

    u have good blogs ..thank you.. but Perkup is not that nice.

    My sister thinks staffs average and design is yukky

    She said place looks like they copy Purple Peanuts Japanese cafe design..hahahaha ..maybe.

    Burgers hard to eat and boring but yeah their chip mayo is good. But we would not go again ( coffee is v.average).


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