The guys and girls were craving for Indonesian food so badly. Jan recommended Garamerica, a hidden gem located at South Melbourne. Its not Gar-America fyi, its not American!! Its Garam Merica which means salt and pepper in Bahasa Indonesia. Everyone of us were very satisfied with our meals. We had 5 Ayam Go-Bars, 1 Ayam Balado, 1 Ayam Cabe Hijau, 1 Soto Betawi With Rice for the eight of us. A plate of Gado Gado, Batagor and Beef Rendang to share. We can’t end off our meals without desserts so we had 2 Es Cendol, 3 Es Teler and 1 Bubur Ketan Hitam.
Ayam Go-Bar, 11.50AUD
Ayam Go-Bar chicken is fried and then grilled. Who in the world does that?! Genius!
Ayam Goreng Cabe Hijau, 10.50AUD
Fried chicken drizzled in Garamerica’s homemade green chili salsa
Ayam Goreng Balado, 10.50AUD
Like the Ayam Goreng Cabe Hijau, the same fried chicken is now drizzled in Garamerica’s homemade red chili salsa.

Gado Gado, 10AUD
One of my favourite Indo mains of all time. I have to eat Gado Gado every single time I fly back to Indonesia. Yummm!
Beef Rendang (S:10.90AUD/L:14.90AUD)
As tender as it could be, the Beef Rendang at Garamerica could possibly be one of the best rendang in Melbourne. The only thing missing is how I would usually put on some sweet ABC sauce or Kecap Bangau to my rendang.
Batagor, 10AUD
Batagor reminds me of Empek Empek with Siomai Indonesia combined. Batagor is fish dumpling that is deep fried and served with peanut sauce and black sweet sauce. Yes we Indonesians can never escape from peanut sauce, not that we’re complaining…
Soto Betawi, 9.50AUD
I would’ve preferred the faint normal Soto Ayam soup instead of this thicker and milky Soto Betawi soup. They used coconut milk to arrive to this texture and colour. I regretted ordering Soto Betawi because it was served with tripe (offals) which I hated so much.
Es Teler, 5.50AUD
The Es Teler here is a little bit of a disappointment. Well that’s because the taste fails in comparison to what I would normally eat in Indonesia. I still remember the first time I fell in love with es teler was when my daddy brought it home from a local street side vendor back in Jakarta. That one was still my favourite.
Bubur Ketan Hitam, 3.50AUD
Tasted like red bean with milk. You could have them warm or cold but usually customers prefer them warm.
Es Cendol, 3.50AUD
I have personal reasons for not ever trying out Es Cendol. My friends said that the Es Cendol was too sweet and this can never beat Malacca’s Es Cendol.
Ready to feast! It was Josh’s (He’s a Melbournian) first time trying out Indo food and he loved it.

Overall the mains at Garamerica outshine the desserts. We’re still pleased with the authenticity of the dishes. I would gladly come back to Garamerica try out their other dishes like Sate Ayam, Martabak Telor, Ayam Bakar or Siomai. OH the thought of them Indo food wouldn’t stop lingering in my mind its like I have a slideshow of these food that I want to eat and it wouldn’t stop replaying in my head again and again, again over again, again…. and again..
South Melbourne
230 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne, Victoria 3205
Tel: +(61) 03 9696 2192
Tue to Sun: 12pm-9pm

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