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Busy assignment week and before cramping our heads and getting work done, its time for yum cha!!! The four of us (my groupmates and I) headed to Chinatown at Little Bourke to have lunch at Dragon Boat Restaurant. Dragon Boat Restaurant is owned by the Dragon Boat Group. The Dragon Boat Group has four different restaurants: The ‘Dragon Boat On The Yarra‘, ‘Dragon Boat Knox‘, ‘Dragon Boat Palace‘ as well as the one on top, the ‘Dragon Boat Restaurant‘. You could call for reservations and have functions here too if you’d like. So here are some of the list of things that we ate.
Tip: request for Pu Erh Tea and add some chrysanthemum. Trust me it tastes way better than just normal black tea.

I dislike how some parts of the duck taste really good but the other parts are too salty. It just shows that it wasn’t cooked right.
As usual, spectacular Har Gau!
Tantalizing Cheese Scallop! One of my favourite dim sum dishes they have.

The waitresses will push around these dishes and you can take which ever one you want. The consequence? Some of the food may already be cold. If you are willing to wait, opt to order from the waitresses so that you’ll have your food cooked and be served to you warm.
Pretty teapot decorations by the wall!

Like any other Chinese restaurants, they don’t do Yum Cha at night, only during the daytime. Dragon Boat Restaurant group is rather popular. This one that’s located at Chinatown? Not so much. However, the place get filled up easily especially during peak hours. I think the Dragon Boat Restaurant ranks average for me. It’ll be awhile (or not at all) before I come back here again. The four of us spent 120 bucks altogether.  
And remember, like any other Chinese restaurants, they don’t do Yum Cha at night, only during the daytime.

Dragon Boat Restaurant
2013 Little Bourke Street, CBD
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
Tel: +(61) 03 9662 2733
Mon to Sun: 8pm-11pm

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