Black Odyssey

Many girls (and guys) couldn’t appreciate the beauty of pearls. Pearls are only for older women they say? I’d like to defer. I started loving pearls for as long as I can remember. I always think of Gabrielle Chanel and how her pearl statement pieces exude modern and classic beauty. The elegance of this rosy white pearl embedded on a sterling silver floral patterned charm, just…. took my breath away. This ‘Garden Odyssey’ charm is by far my favourite Pandora charm ever made. Yes it might not be the most extravagant, but I’m simply in love with the subtle beauty of it. Got this charm last week and all I can say is.. welcome to my mini family!
This week I got another charm, guess what is it?

Happy me went shopping in the early morning, skipping morning lesson because I was late. Headed for brunch with my girlfriends before heading to my next class. Today I wore my ‘almost-maxi’ dress, which I tied it in a knot to achieve a more ‘clean’ look. And voila! It becomes a shorter dress. I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many times I wore this jacket over winter (almost everyday). Its my favourite jacket that I can wear for all seasons. Its made out of baby lamb skin and saying that the texture is as smooth as silk could even be an understatement. It helps me stay warm during winter, just enough for spring, and it sure made me stay cool when I was back in humid Singapore. What scientific theory is this?! I don’t get it either but it sure works.

Jacket, Versace // Dress, Zara // Bracelets, Lovisa // Charm Bracelets, Pandora // Bag, Stradivarius

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