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Red Velvet

Cupcakes are like glorified muffins. Out of many traditional options, the red velvet is one of the most.. if not, the most popular classic options among all the cupcakes available at Twelve Cupcakes. There are twelve basic cupcake options that are served on the daily basis. That’s why they’re called Twelve Cupcakes to begin with. Red velvet cupcake has gain popularity because of its intense colouring of dark red, bright red or reddish brown. It is traditionally prepared as a layer cake topped with cream cheese icing. The above cuppie taste pretty good with soft and creamy vanilla cream cheese icing on top. Things that are pretty tend to taste better, don’t you think……..? Hmmm, well… if you have never tried Twelve Cupcakes before, go take on one of its classic options, I’ll suggest red velvet!
Twelve cupcakes started in Singapore by two passionate celebrity couple. Twelve Cupcakes has now branched out to several countries and I’m expecting more to come. Here’s a list of all the cupcakes I’ve tried from Twelve Cupcakes. Don’t call me fat, call me cellulite.
PB Jelly
This moist vanilla cupcake is topped with peanut butter and jelly. Just imagine your peanut butter jam without nuts, smoother, softer and fluffier… Poof! That’s exactly how I would describe the icing for this cuppie cake. The jello smacked in the middle taste just like your regular combination of raspberry and strawberry jam.

Chocolate Chocolate

In my opinion, the reason why Twelve Cupcakes give such a term of ‘chocolate chocolate’ is because the chocolate content is really thick and saturated. The icing is definitely more chocolatey than chocolate, topped with several chocolate crunchies. The cupcake base itself for this ‘chocolate chocolate’ cupcake is way thicker and slightly darker than other cuppies available that are also using chocolate as their base.
Cookies And Cream
Oreo Crumbs are infused in the cookies and cream icing on a moist chocolate cupcake with a quarter bit of an oreo bite sized piece as decor. I thought the taste of it lacked a little something… However, it is still one of the more popular choices among consumers.

Vanilla Chocolate
All the cupcakes above generally have the same moist and soft textures. Overall, how we distinguish the actual taste of the cupcakes is by looking through the display and tasting the flavours of the icings. I especially love vanilla and to me they taste like seventh heaven. This vanilla cream cheese on a moist chocolate cuppie is the way to go!
Additional Photos:
The next few photos are the additional options served by Twelve Cupcakes. For everyday of every week, there will be three cupcake flavours baked which are not under the basic options. These flavours will not be served daily but only on specific days of the week. Interested customers will have to view on their website to check on the daily specials. These so called ‘more special’ cupcakes are priced at 3.50SGD. They are fifty cents more expensive then those listed in the basic options as they require more ingredients to be made.
Apple Cinnamon
Apple cinnamon is one of my favourite flavours. Within the cupcakes there are apple bits and slices which I love. To top it off, cinnamon sprinkles are splattered against the cream cheese frosting. Yummm…! I just love cinnamon.
Rose On A Rose
This sweetheart cuppy has a slightly pinky base which has a bandung-drink flavour. The baby pink icing is basically the similar cream cheese that Twelve Cupcakes constantly use, just presented with a different colouring.

Choc Chip
I really like how the base is filled with chocolate chips and the sprinkles on top are also splattered with chocolate chips. The icing top is a light nutella cream. Choc chip + nutella + choc chip, that’s triple sensation.

Cherry Choc
I don’t usually love cherries because I always felt that it taste a lot like sweet medicine (I HATE all medicines). However, this cupcake taste nothing like cherry. It has a chocolate base with a slight melted chocolate centre with one ball of baked cherry. This particular chocolate icing on the Cherry Choc is extremely sweeeeeet x999!


Nutella infused buttercream and sprinkled hazelnuts are used as the icing for this moist chocolate cuppie. Right smack in the centre of the cupcake base is a hint of surprise. As you may have guessed, Yup…! Its nutella Jam fillings. This cuppie to me is such a sweetheart!

Chocolate Salted Caramel
Salted caramel is one of those flavours that is overwhelmingly popular and it usually get sold out almost immediately after every replenishment. No doubt yet again it’s one of my favourite options. This version of salted caramel is very special and it totally made my day when I bought it because my salted caramel cuppie is topped with chocolate crunchies!

Salted Caramel

As much as I love the chocolate salted caramel cuppie, I prefer the classic salted caramel because it is more traditional, authentic and flavourful. It kinda taste like butterscotch. Opposites attract… The slight salty cream and the sweet caramel complements each other too well. These two combined with the thick and fluffy cuppie is a perfect example of heaven on earth.

What I like about this coconut cupcake is that I was able to feel the flaky sprinkles of coconut within the cuppie in addition to the creamy coconut icing on top.

Chocolate Banana
Very rich and creamy banana cream cheese icing flavour with baked banana in the cupcake centre. Most of its flavour comes from the icing and less from the banana. I’m not complaining, I’m still loving it!

Raspberry White Chocolate
The light vanilla cupcake base is baked with pureed raspberry swirls, decorated with raspberry buttercream icing and white chocolate curls. The base its too plain, I didn’t think it deserved to be one of the daily specials. It looks exactly the same as the Strawberry Vanilla listed earlier on top. The only difference is the hint of raspberry swirls as seen in the cuppie base. Yes, they are both different.

Baileys Chocolate

Baileys chocolate… What can I say? It just taste like the usual chocolate cake you buy at budgeted stores. Nothing too special about this one.

Carrot Cake
This cuppie uses cream cheese icing and its base is made of light carrot cake, baked with carrots, apples and cinnamon. At first I thought the top carrot was going to be a sugary and crunchy carrot-like sugar icing. Turns out it is actually a gummy carrot, which I totally prefer.

Eating this lychee cuppie is like eating a vanilla base cake and drinking a can of lychee drink. Too similar! Within the cuppie centre, there’s a tiny lychee which I thought was a little weird. The concept is the same as the Cherry Choc, but cherry choc was WAY better.


Mango cream topped with dried mango for the icing with plain moist cuppie base, infused with mango centre. Mango lovers, please order this one!


Chocolate base, chocolate centre, chocolate icing, chocolate strips coating with marshmallows. Need I say more?

Green Tea Choc
Green tea flavoured icing with nothing infused within the centre. Not bad at all.
Usually I’ll head purchase my cupcakes from the ION outlet. However, visit the United Square outlet if you wish to dine in. The United Square outlet is one of those few Twelve Cupcakes outlets that have table seatings.
Twelve Cupcakes are priced at 3SGD each and 17SGD for half a dozen. They have a ‘take-away’ policy whereby no dining in is allowed. Quick tip: have a companion for your cupcake such as a hot tea or coffee. In that way you will not get sick of eating the cuppies. I can see why Twelve Cupcakes have been successful in just few short years. Firstly: Everyone loves dessert. Secondly: They’re handmade. Thirdly: They’re so pretty, all girls (myself included) couldn’t resist. Lastly: They are constantly coming out with exciting new flavours every month. You can check on their website to check on their daily specials.
I’m a cupcake girl. Fat Die Me.
Twelve Cupcakes
2 Orchard Turn
#B4-33 ION Orchard

Singapore 238801
Mon to Sun: 11am-10pm

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