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Had a lovely Anniversary dinner recently at this beautiful restaurant called The Conservatory. I love how classy and sophisticated the decor of the place is. The pastel color combination is perfect since pink and green are complementary colors. The Conservatory is one of the very few buffet restaurants they have in Melbourne. 
We had dinner on a Friday night, which means that its ‘Seafood Affair’ night. Yes there’s only this promotion on Fridays. Of course, prices would be higher as well. We paid 98AUD per person. I thought it was worth it.
Personally, I thought that the savoury dishes were much better than the aisle of desserts. I love almost all of the entrees above. The buffet selection is not too many, but everything is tasty and off good quality. This is one of Jan’s favourite section, the cheese platter. I hope all the cheese don’t make him cheesy. Okay stop me now.
Most of the cities and states of Australia are located close by the beaches and seas. That explains why their seafoods are always fresh. Now I understand why Australians love shrimps, like crazy kind of love. I’m getting there, on the verge of insanity towards fresh seafoods.
Salads and cold meats
One of the best cheesy lobsters ever! Trust me on this one, absolutely amazing.
The dessert section looks so pretty ain’t it? Don’t judge food by its looks, the cupcakes especially they aren’t too nice. If you have more stomach space, go for the macaroons or stock up more on the savoury dishes.
The chocolate fountains however was sinfully tasty. There’s milk chocolate, white chocolate, orange chocolate and dark chocolate. Dip them with strawberries or marshmallows for maximum mouth pleasure. Or else, your cupcakes will taste good too if you dip them with the melted chocolate. Oops I almost forgot, please take some churros as well.
We started off with having cold seafood dishes. The freshest among them all has got to be the snow crabs and shrimps. They always leave me wanting for more. Well except for the part where I need to crack them shells up.
Don’t you think that DIY canapes are fun?

Soba aglio olio, that’s a first time for me. The smoked salmon with orange segments is quite exceptional. The orange mousse-like texture with meat is really sweet and savoury at the same time. 
Chicken salad is YUM

Behold… the godly cheesy lobster with spinach. The taste of it is out of this world.

Chicken, fish, lamb, pork knuckle and chicken. Took some apple spread for my pork knuckle and it was really good.
Woodfire naan was made when I ordered at the curry counter. There’s several naan choices and I chose the cheesy naan. I could taste melted cheese in my naan. How wonderful is that? I think the garlic one would be nice too. Please please please try the naans and eat it immediately after its just cooked.
This was my very first time eating in a buffet restaurant where they serve Peking duck. Are you kidding me? It was so yummy. Oh wait, everything IS yummy.
This cake did not taste as good as it looks.
How could a gorgeous blueberry cake be so salty, I was disappointed. Boo.
My favourite macaron goes to the pistachio in green, and coffee in brown. Some are quite chewy which I’m not very fond of.

Happy girl (me) having her dinner
Don’t you think that The Conservatory’s decor is pretty?
Happy 7th year anniversary love. So grateful to have you through the good and the bad times.
This was taken when the restaurant was about to open. Overlooking the view outside from the window is Riverside Quay and Melbourne Aquarium. Having dinner at night also means that you’ll get to see a fire show through the window. Please check on their website on the prices because the amount you pay will be dependent on which days or what time of day you visit The Conservatory.
The Conservatory is also recognised as one of the most beautiful restaurant in Melbourne. The restaurant is conveniently located at The Crown, right above the Crown casino. Visit this restaurant for a romantic meal with your lover, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. In my case, I had a lovely dinner with my soulmate 🙂

The Conservatory
8 Whiteman Street, Southbank
Level 1 Crown Towers
Melbourne, Victoria 3006
Tel: +(61) 3 9292 5777
Mon to Fri: 6.30am-10.30am
Sat to Sun: 7am-10.30am

Mon to Sat: 12pm-2.30pm
Sun: 12pm-3pm

Afternoon High Tea
Sat: 3pm-5pm
Sun: 3.30pm-5.30pm

Mon to Thu: 6pm-10pm
Sat: 5.30pm-8pm (First Seating) & 8.15pm-11pm (Second Seating)
Sun: 6pm-10pm

A Seafood Affair
Fri: 5.30pm-8pm (First Seating) & 8.15pm-11pm (Second Seating)

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