Home Cooked Fancies – My 21st Birthday Party

Celebrated my 21st last week. I didn’t want anything too fancy so kept it simple by holding a BBQ event. I have to thank my girls, Rach, Yan and Bev for being early to prepare the dishes for the party. I’m also so thankful for everyone who came and made it special.
I ordered my cake from Burch & Purchese. Burch & Purchese is a cake store just below my tiny apartment. The lovely princess cake store was set up by a couple who loves to bake. Thank you Burch & Purchese for making my cake adorable.
Lychee white chocolate with Pistachio within. So perfect.
Everyone was praising the cake which made me happy I chose the right flavour 🙂
My favourite doll I can’t live without
Thank you Fel, Van and Audy for bringing cupcakes, even though they’re smashed in the box. It was YUMMY I had three in one day.
Thank you everyone for these gifts. I feel so at home even though I’ve only moved to Melbourne for less than two months. So glad I met all of you.
Strawberry marshmallows
Can’t capture the sunset. It rained for about half an hour on that day.
Thank you Jan for surprising me with balloons to my place. How to not tear? :’) And thank you for organizing and assisting everyone.
Here are some of the dishes we cropped up
Heart shaped ciabatta to dip in the mussel sauce
Mussels with white wine
Mixed salad with feta cheese, avocados, corns, semi dried tomatoes and French vinaigrette 
Mushroom and bacon aglio olio in fusilli
White breads for hot dogs
Canapes made with almond and apricot cheese, topped with a half apricot
We had three different chicken kebab flavours as well as beef, pork and chicken hot dogs for BBQ.
Nacho cheese to dip with salmon and spinach dips
Baked potatoes
I had a blast last week. I’m finally an adult and I can now go to any casinos in the world. To that lets have a toast.
Photographer: Egi Surya Abraham

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